All you need to know about Bridgestone Tyres

Driving in a crowded city is not everyone’s cup of tea. One must be good with the skills of driving. However, it is not solely the driving skills that makes the entire experience better. The tyres of the vehicle play major roles in the delivery of the efficient driving experience. When a vehicle is coupled with the appropriate equipment that suffices the needs and requirements of the vehicle, it will automatically give a top-notch performance. Tyres are one such part of the vehicle that gets most affected on the changing terrain is the most responsible one that enhances your driving experience. Therefore, you must find the most suitable set of tyres for your vehicle that not just suffice the needs of your vehicle but also fits your budget.

In this rapidly growing world, undoubtedly the competition has grown immensely. Therefore, finding the best set of tyres can be challenging. However, when you visit a Bridgestone tyre store, all the confusion will end then and there. In the wide range of tyre options to choose from, Bridgestone has a lot to offer the customers. Friendly customer assistance will enable you to find the most suitable set for your vehicle. But the question arises, what has led to this immense success of this brand and how has it become so popular in today’s world. To find out more about the Bridgestone tyres, stick with the blog till the end.

History of The brand

When you think of tyre makers, what are the names that pop up in your mind? One of them is likely Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturing company. Founded a decade shy of hundred years ago in 1931, Bridgestone Corporation has managed to become a household name in the tyre industry. This multi-national tyre manufacturer has its roots in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan. It has its headquarters in the capital city of Tokyo. It is named after its founder Shojiro Ishibashi, whose last name means “stone bridge” in his native tongue.

Bridgestone has over 140 factories in more than twenty countries around the world. Thus, it has gained the trust of millions of customers. This faith in the brand has continued to rise over time. That is owing to the innovative products they bring into the market. But that is not the only thing. Their attention to environmental causes has been widely revered throughout the industry. The Bridgestone factory in North Carolina, USA produced its tyres with zero waste to landfill. They make sure that the 3 Rs, recycle, reduce, reuse, are followed and celebrated. That is one such instance of the environmental consciousness of the brand. A tyre with one of the least carbon footprint, Bridgestone takes pride in its achievements towards a safer environment.

Bridgestone tyres are a popular choice among drivers of regular passenger vehicles. Bridgestone is one of those premium tyre makers that can bring you a high-grade tyres brand.  But their range is not restricted within that section. The connection of the company to the motorsports industry further popularized its brand image. Formula 1 for fourteen years and quite a few for MotoGP as its sole supplier, Bridgestone gained recognition in that industry. Alongside these, it continues to take part in SuperGP races.

What made it so famous?

Let us now get into the quality of these tyres that make them so widely-known in the first place. Bridgestone incorporates highly advanced technology in all its models. They have emerged victorious in a multitude of tyre tests held by reputable organizations and car magazines. They were voted the number one choice of users around the globe in various categories. There are many strong suits for these tyres. These include their cutting-edge technology, an ultimate road grip and minimal rolling resistance. They also offer superb handling in both wet and dry road conditions and excellent driving comfort. If you are a new vehicle owner or someone who does not have much knowledge about finding the ideal tyres for your vehicle, rest assured to get the best tyre experience by Bridgestone. Its durability, enhanced performance, low rolling resistance, with various other benefits have made it a popular choice among people. Therefore, you can always choose Bridgestone tyres for your vehicle.

Why should you choose Bridgestone Tyres?

Bridgestone offers a plethora of tyres for different types of vehicles. That way, you can find the one that suits your needs. 195 65 r15 tyres are one of their sought-after models. They manufacture automobile components, sports supplies and other rubber products, as well. Bridgestone tyres come mounted on many popular passenger vehicle brands.

The realm of tyres is large, and it is only expanding. There are many brands to choose from which offer different products at different price ranges. These tyres are equipped with a variety of features which will suit different road conditions and terrains. These allow you to pick the best one for your vehicle and enjoy safe, comfortable rides.

Components used In the making of Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone uses not just rubber but a number of compounds that altogether results in the making of the most reliable tyres. A tyre has so much more than just a hard ring of rubber. There are different components whose properties suffice the needs in the making of reliable tyres.

Listed below are the components used in the making of a Bridgestone tyre.

  • Rubber being the most basic component is used for the durability and resistance from abrasion of the tyres.
  • Synthetic rubber provides heat resistance to the tyres on hot and dry roads when the temperature is high.
  • Black carbon is used in the making of Bridgestone tyres to increase the strength and give support to the rubber.
  • Silica is added to the tyres to give a better-wet grip and fuel efficiency to the vehicle.
  • Oil is used to soften the rubber compound and give the required shape to the tyres.
  • The antioxidant is used to oxidise the rubber when the tyre is on the surface, exposed to the environment.
  • Sulphur gives the desired elasticity to the rubber making it ideal for the tyres.
  • Vulcanization accelerator is used to bring a cross-link between the properties of sulphur and rubber.
  • Polyester is used to give support to the tyre using it as body ply in it.
  • Ryon, as well, is used for the same purpose as that of the polyester.
  • Steel is yet another important component of the tyre, which is used to make the steel belts of the tyres.

The properties of each element combine in a proportionate amount to produce the ideal Bridgestone tyre. These tyres are durable, reliable and enhance the driving experience to a great extent. Therefore, when you are clueless about getting the best tyres for your vehicle, you can always rest your trust with the Bridgestone tyres online.


With such a history and range of products, Bridgestone is always a stone throw away from you. Visit your local dealer or order online for the best experience. Bridgestone has truly become the best companion of your vehicle over the years. With the best quality products and a wide range of options to choose the right fit for your vehicle, the brand has gained a strong pace in the industry by being the popular choice among people.

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