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Our workspace affects our mood and productivity. Since performance is crucial for the breakthrough of every business; it pays to ensure that the office atmosphere is pleasant and inspiring.

If you feel unproductive or uninspired, then maybe it’s time to refresh and switch things up in the office.

A happy and healthy office will get your creative juices flowing again. Today, we are listing down quick office makeover ideas to help you spice up the workspace. These tips and tricks are practical, whether you’re decorating your home office or adorning the corporate space.

1. Color-Match Office Items

Color-coding will make you look and feel organized. You can color-match pens, staplers, sticky notes, and other stationery items. Using your favorite color will elevate your mood. Or, if you want to boost your productivity, you can count on the psychology of colors.

Studies show that blue enhances work performance, while red helps you stay excited and alert. Purple boosts imagination, which will help you stay creative. If you try searching Google for the best performance-boosting hue, you will discover that most results point at the color blue. Also, experts suggest that you should paint your workspace blue. That is especially helpful for people who spend all day with mind-work.

Colors present in the work environment significantly affect behavior. Hence, it pays to choose a color palette wisely.

2. Use Mirrors

Bringing a mirror in might complete your office makeover. Mirrors give an elegant and professional vibe. Also, it can expand the appearance of the workspace. That way, it has more of an airy and welcoming feel.

You can bring in a standing floor mirror to the office. You can go for a stylish modern piece or a beautiful rare antique. Plus, you can often check how you look without going to the restroom. office makeover ideas

3. Beautify a Wall

Another way to freshen up space is to make an accent wall. To do this, you only need to select one wall and then paint it with a vibrant, striking shade. The point is to highlight one wall and leave the other walls plain.

You can also embellish a wall by displaying artworks. Most people find solace in the works of art. Hence, you would want to display pictures and paintings from local artists. By doing so, you can offer support to the local arts community while adorning the workspace. You can look into galleries near you to select pieces that suit the interior of the office. Some artists offer custom-built pieces. If so, then that’s so much better.

If you’re on a strict budget, then you might want to invest in canvas prints instead. You can select your favorite photos and have them printed. The result is an aesthetic and eye-catching piece.

A gallery wall will add a nice touch to the workspace. It will make the office look interesting. Plus, it will help alleviate stress and bring back mental energy. You can go for fun, vibrant, and striking art pieces, or you can keep it minimalistic, classy, and smart with black and white.

4. Display the Firm’s Mission and Vision

Being reminded of your firm’s goals once in a while will boost your morale. It’s like seeing your vision board or your favorite quote; it will inspire you to do your best. Taking a good look at your firm’s mission will help you carry out the house’s values as well.

To do this, you can print out and frame the mission statement. You would want to make it eye-catching. Use appropriate colors and shapes. Also, ensure that the font is readable and attractive. Then, hang it on a wall where people can see it often.  

5. Use Ergonomic Furniture

Aside from the decorative elements, it is also crucial to focus on comfort and functionality. While giving the workroom a facelift, you might also want to switch to some equipment that enhances ergonomics. For example, you can invest in an adjustable standing table that allows for sitting or standing while you work. Changing body positions for the whole day will help you prevent muscle fatigue down the road.

You can also invest in a monitor riser, a keyboard tray, a lower back pillow, and a footstool. All these will help you keep proper posture while you work. Body pain comes with long periods of sitting at the desk. Ergonomic solutions will keep your team healthy and happy while getting the last bit of work done.

6. Bring Nature Indoors

There are plenty of reasons to bring some plants to the workspace. For instance, scientific evidence proves that plants improve concentration and attention. It can also boost productivity by around 15 percent. Further, plants reduce stress levels and spike motivation with office makeover ideas

Indoor plants are an easy way to brighten up the workspace. Not everyone has a green thumb, and it would be a waste if the plants will die. Thus, it would be wise to go for low maintenance houseplants. Your best options include the Jade plant, Pothos, and Spider plant.

People generally find peace and comfort in nature. Hence, incorporating living greens and other natural elements in the workspace will help you de-stress and stay creative.

7. Throw in Quirky Furniture

The traditional office design has neat and uniform interiors. While this looks fine for many people, it can appear dull or boring in the long run. Hence, adding eccentric furniture can help you refresh the space.

There are a bunch of unique pieces available in the market today. You can also transform your old chairs by giving them an edgy seat cover. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an online curtain shop that offers high-quality fabrics for upholstery, cushions, and drapery. They have various styles to choose from, like animal prints, silk shine velvet, and more.

Final Thoughts for office makeover ideas

Thanks for dropping by! I hope that these easy revamp ideas inspired you to reinvigorate your workspace. A decluttered physical space leads to a clearer mind. So, happy decorating!

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