Rigid Box Packaging for Showcasing Night Lights Range

Does your home store have a contemporary and traditional collection of night lights? Presenting the products in aesthetically appealing boxes would intrigue the customers to take a closer look at your offers. A differentiating packaging idea would make your brand and offerings hard to ignore. Winsome boxes displaying the flower shaped lamps, bulbs and other items would capture the attention of the shoppers. You can create notable inkling for combo and saver deals by promoting them through inviting and interactive packaging.

Rigid boxes with an interesting and short insight about your light manufacturing company would play a significant role in influencing the purchase intent of consumers. Packaging having persuasive details like unique features of a light, how easily it gets recharged and the affordable price would call the customers to action. Flash sales and festive offers can be made not to miss out on using gripping boxes. You need to have a trusted and smart printing partner for customizing the packaging according to most recent techniques and trends.

A printer that can think outside the box would be able to provide you result-oriented packaging solutions. If you happen to know such a vendor, sign up for your wholesale print job and talk out all your concerns and inclinations to have the boxes printed your way.

Take a dig at the kind of packaging layouts and content your competitors are using, be original, inspiring and distinctive if you want your brand to stand out.

Here are design and other tips for your assistance!

Captivate the Onlookers with Enthralling Boxes

Packaging for night lights designed with enrapturing imagery and short and sweet text would stir the interest of shoppers in the offers. Brief the graphics team to use relevant pictures, symbols and other details within the artwork for rigid boxes. Catchy captions about each product printed with colorful font would attract the customers.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes with Inserts/Dividers

Packaging for plug in lights, lamps and other breakable items should have inserts for safe handling and delivery of the goods. Ask the printer to use finest stocks for manufacturing the boxes. If you don’t know much about materials like cardboard, read up some content online to get familiar with the popular stocks and their specifications. Make it easier to give your input to the vendor about personalizing packaging.

Give More to Shoppers to Earn their Loyalty

Use the boxes for adding the element of surprise to the purchase made from your store. You can give away freebies, small gifts like extra bulbs with a lamp and discount coupons to avail flat 10 percent off on any product. This would bring you back buyers and they will also spread the word about your brand for being generous and genial.

Packaging ought to have clear usage instructions, care cautions and your store locations. Have names of the best-sellers printed prominently on custom rigid boxes for suggesting the new consumers to try them.

Packaging for artsy and handcrafted items having details about the artists would help your team to get acclaim and admiration. You can market price reductions and latest collections through the boxes. Keep on improving and tweaking your packaging to add a streak of newness to your products.

Packaging Republic has been offering worthwhile box printing services to businesses and individuals for a long time. Have your order delivered in any US state without paying handling charges!

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