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What Are The Services Offered By Digital Marketing Agencies?

The number of internet users in the world grows every day. People’s habits keep up with this change and doing things online is more and more common. From shopping to scheduling public services, going through bank transactions, courses and professional activities, it is now possible to do (almost) everything virtually.

In this context, the importance of having an efficient digital presence, regardless of the area of ​​activity, is increasing. If a company wants to succeed, inside and outside the network, it must be on the internet. After all, as the popular saying goes, “whoever is not seen is not remembered”.

But how not to be just another one in the crowd? How to be relevant on the internet, standing out from the competition? Without a doubt, this represents a great challenge and without the expertise of trained professionals, it can be difficult to obtain good results.

So in today’s post we are going to talk about how a digital marketing agency works, what services it offers and how it can help your company achieve its goals. Check out!

The work of a digital marketing agency

The main job of a good digital marketing agency is to develop strategies to achieve the client’s goals. In this sense, it is very important to know exactly what the company that hired the agency’s services wants: brand strengthening, customer loyalty, product launch, increased sales, etc.

In addition to visits to the site, likes and shares, the performance of digital agency should always be focused on the defined goals. For this, an agency brings together professionals from different areas who develop the entire process, from briefing to execution, including planning, defining strategies and monitoring results.

10 services that digital agencies offer to the market

Do you understand what a digital agency does? Could you understand the adaptation of what an Advertising agency does to the reality of Digital?

1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The acronym SEO stands for ” Search Engine Optimization ” and means that pages/sites can be better positioned and optimized on search engines, such as Google.

It is worth remembering that the search here is organic, that is, the public’s spontaneous search for those terms. This strategy improves brand positioning and visibility within search engines, in addition to increasing the number of visits to sites.

Although the “secrets” that influence the positioning and ranking of pages/sites are not revealed by search engines, there is a way to map the best ideas and practices that give good results, forming effective strategies.

2 – AdWords

The combination of “Ad” (advertising, in English) and “Words” (words, terms, in English) gives us an idea, right?

This form of Google media also called “sponsored links”, consists of the meeting between the keywords that the public searches for and the (paid) ads of the advertiser brand. An example? If you search Google for “Recipes”, the answer can be courses, books, events, etc. (all related to the theme of the ad, of course). But a brand that decides to advertise “buying” the word Recipes, will appear first for you!

3 – Content marketing

In the digital medium, the content is very different from the content of the “Offline” medium (such as on TV, magazines, etc.). In addition, on the Internet and with digital media, the public has more access to research and sources, making brands understand the importance of transparency, for example.

The digital media content can exist in the form of a post for Blog and website, articles and articles (including journalistic), advertisements, videos, audios, among other formats. Everything that promotes a brand based on content and information.

4- E-mail marketing

The email marketing technique can be very effective when strategically promoted. It is a direct marketing format where you can monitor and analyze performance and scope, improving your promotion techniques. Although it seems simple, after all, everyone understands what an email is, and would understand what it would be like to advertise with email. But in the case of email marketing, there are strategic ways that differ from spam.

5 – Management of social networks

In the world of digital communication, it is possible to say that practically all brands are online mainly on social networks, and do you know why? Because people are on social networks, and consequently, they talk to each other about brands, including.

That is, the best request is that brands make their presence in digital environments strategically and effectively, to participate in these conversations! In addition to social networks being a good stage for discussions, conversations and relationships between brands and the public, it also generates more contact with the brand, which can be translated into sales, registrations, and clicks.

Social networks are tools full of possibilities for the use of brands. The management of these networks, as well as content planning, monitoring and media services, for example, can be done by agencies. For those who want to work in a digital agency, it is always good to keep an eye on the ideas and strategies that brands promote in these media!

6 – Mobile marketing

Mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, with Internet access are what make up “Mobile”. And for a brand to have a digital presence also on the screen of these devices, there are a series of technical adaptations, content, ads, layout and access, for example. Thus, performance in the mobile digital environment needs to be well thought out and strategic.

There are still few companies specialized in this type of service, but it is always worth researching the portfolio of products and cases, for example, if you intend, as a brand, to work in this area.

7 – E-commerce

Online sales channels and stores are very interesting solutions that add possibilities for ads like Google AdWords, SEO, Mobile and even content strategies! Selling online includes

The creation of virtual stores, aggregation of payment methods and all other details, a digital marketing company specialized in digital marketing (more specifically in digital media) can do for your brand!

8 – Link building

Link is the way in which pages link to each other. When someone accesses a page, they can access several others in succession. While people access sites through other sites, that is, through other links, let’s say that the sites on this “path” of access gain more “morale”, popularity and authority within the search engine. That is, the work of building links is related to SEO services, too.

It is through links that search engines analyze and assign relevance to a website. The more links related to a website, the better positioned it will be on search engines.

9- Website development

Everyone knows that the website is one of the most important forms of communication for brands in the digital environment, right? There are many possibilities for content, services and sales on a website. Design and programming are fundamental, in addition to representing specific duties for professionals. For those who intend to work in this area, it is important to know the possibilities of features, layouts and providers. It is a very differentiated and valued work!

10 – Monitoring, metrics and digital analysis

All the work of managing a brand in the online environment, all the dissemination strategy, media, content, etc., will bring results from the proposed actions. Ok, but what results do we want to achieve? Metrics are ways of measuring unemployment and organizing the results of actions. Examples of metrics are: pageviews (page views), ad clicks, number of followers, email marketing open rate, ad impression, etc.

Ufa! There are many possibilities in digital communication! For those who want to work in this field, the request is to understand a little of everything, and choose an area to specialize!

For those who intend to hire a digital agency, the request is to research well, see product portfolio and cases, and understand a little of each area to know what to charge, in addition to understanding more about this universe and its possibilities for your brand!

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