Difference Between Staffing & Placement

What Is the Difference Between Staffing & Placement

It may be necessary to increase your workforce to include additional temporary and permanent workers to keep up with your company’s demands. But it takes time and effort to recruit trained workers.

Both the recruiting and hiring of temporary and permanent workers were done by staffing and placement agencies. And while both services provide competent workers for companies, staffing services usually provide rapid assistance, while placement services provide permanent employee solutions.

Staffing Services

For a limited period, staffing agencies offer temporary workers to organizations in need of extra support. Usually, temporary workers work in offices, warehouses, factories, grocery stores or other customer service locations.

The amount of time a temporary employee stays depends on the need for the company. For example, companies with increased demand for customer service or order fulfillment recruit temporary workers to meet these requirements during the holiday season. Staffing resources screen prospective applicants, provide a rundown of job responsibilities, maintain payroll and monitor job results.

On the other hand, a staffing agency fills the void when a client organization needs many employees immediately but does not have the money (capital) to recruit an employee for everyone concerned. Staffing provides the customer with temporary workers that can be professional and charge them at a negotiated hourly rate.

Placement Services

Placement services specialize in filling positions within particular sectors, such as healthcare or IT, for permanent work, unlike staffing services. These include agencies for jobs, in-house or corporate recruiters, headhunters, and consultancy firms. Most placement services pay a commission or share of the employee’s first-year earnings from the recruiting firm or the candidate.

To research, interview and recommend eligible applicants, companies looking to fill permanent vacancies turn to placement services. Although an organization may then conduct its interview, initial consultations are motivated by the placement service to choose the best candidates from a wide range of applicants.

There are several companies or placement agencies for recruitment. It can be referred to as a retained search as well. Usually, they charge a percentage of the wages of the recruit as a free placement. Those companies then collect applications, interview, vet, and finally receive the client’s jobs.

The firm has completed its work after the client accepts and employs the applicant. The client organization is concerned with recruiting and is also responsible for taxation on social security, Medicare, and jobs. Besides, such staff usually expect benefits such as health insurance.

Finding the Right Candidates

Ask how suitable applicants are identified and tested when recruiting a staffing or placement service. To hire potential applicants for temporary and permanent jobs, hiring and placement agencies usually use local newspapers, online work boards, social media sites and job fairs.

Workers often network with small companies and other experts in recruiting and placement and seek clients’ referrals in temporary and permanent roles. Employment services also create lists of applicants to match individuals with particular skills to job openings.

Reading, writing, and basic math aptitude tests can be offered to candidates, along with computer processing tests. Additional exams for particular fields can also be used to assess the credentials of applicants. Resume and reference controls and criminal record and credit checks are also performed through recruiting and placement agencies.

Additional Staffing Solutions

Consider temp-to-hire workers if you need to fill permanent vacancies but want to be sure of the applicants. Temp-to-hire helps you to decide whether the applicant is eligible to perform all the appropriate job tasks. Temp-to-hire options can both be offered by staffing and placement agencies.

Other types of staff fulfillment choices include recruiting independent contractors to work on particular tasks and interns to work in various business areas for a pre-determined period.

Hiring a Staffing Agency

It is vital to determine your needs when recruiting a staffing agency. Do you look for skilled workers? Tomorrow, do you need 80 workers or just 2? Different recruiting companies will be able to assist you with what you need.

Advantages of Hiring Through a Staffing Agency

Seeing a prospective employee in action before committing to recruiting them provides certain hiring benefits through a staffing agency. Companies will also cover the expense of leasing to the employment agency, stretching their dollar essentially. Additionally, businesses will quickly get many workers, usually bypassing the weeks recruiting takes.


To conclude, the blog is created to help you understand the difference between staffing and placement. Hope that this blog helps you to understand various aspects of the same and benefit.

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