Your guide to choose the best bicycle attorney

Have you ever been in a bicycle accident? You might have been because bicycle accidents are very common and everyone who rides a bicycle must have had a bicycle accident at least once in their life. Even if you hadn’t been personally involved you surely know someone who was affected by such an accident. Approximately, 18400 cyclists get injured in road accidents every year, out of which 3500 get severely injured.

In many such situations, cyclists struggle to cover their mounting medical bills and retrieve the compensation needed for their medical expenses and bicycle repair costs. If you ever face a similar situation, it’s time to find an experienced and qualified attorney to help you out.

Following are some of the important aspects that one should consider before hiring a bicycle lawyer.


Search for experienced attorneys in your area (both offline and online search) and interview them on the basis of their experience. It’s important to get a lawyer who has had quite a good amount of experience handling bicycle accident cases. An experienced lawyer will make your life easier, as he/she will know what to exactly look for in a case. Most importantly, the person should know how to work with insurance companies, as dealing with insurance companies is a frustrating and confusing job. The lawyer should know how to analyse your policy and make sure that the insurance company treats you fairly, and also should have good knowledge on how to take care of the disputes and the documentation process.

Results of the cases handled

It’s not only important to know how many cases the attorney has handled but also the result of those cases. Ask the lawyers about the number of bicycle injury cases they had taken to trial and how many they solved outside court. Look at the settlements and verdicts that their previous clients received. This is important because if the lawyer is not much experienced then he/she would settle with the insurance companies and fail to provide you with the entire amount of compensation. An adept attorney will know the rules of the trial and will be able to acquire maximum amount of compensation.

Check for license

One of the foremost things to do before you consult an attorney is to make sure that your attorney has all the licensing requirements set by your state. There are many online database sources which will help you check if your attorney is actively licensed to practice.

Specialized knowledge

It might to very confusing to choose the best lawyers out of a pool of thousands of lawyers. One thing that can help you narrow down your search is to find an attorney who counts Houston Bicycle Attorney  law as one of his/her specialties. This will be very helpful as the lawyer will know the legal aspects and laws related to bicycle accidents like the back of his hand.


It is very important that you are able to communicate with your lawyer seamlessly. It’s important that your lawyer is able to communicate the legal processes to you in a manner that you understand. This will help you to make the right decisions for your case and prevent the problems arising out of miscommunication. Your lawyer should not only be able to explain you the ins and outs of the case but also answer your queries and alleviate your concerns on a timely manner.

Charges for the services

Lastly, know your attorney’s charges upfront and the process of the billing. This will remove the hassle of getting overwhelmed by the charges of your attorney at the very last minute. Generally, in these cases, the charges are based on the result and a percentage of your compensation goes to the lawyer. Make sure you clear out all these points. We all know that being part of an accident is a traumatic experience and both physical and emotional healing is needed to get past such experiences. In such tough times, it’s always wise to go through the above mentioned points before consulting and hiring an attorney. The last thing you would want in such situations is to hire an incompetent lawyer and land yourself in legal hassle. There are many lawyers who give free bicycle accident consultation and the further costs are based on the results. So if you are involved in a bicycle accident, don’t hesitate to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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