How to Carry “Green” Like a Pro and Not Look Like a Soldier

You will be a little surprised to know that several types of menswear are inspired by the armed forces. Take the example of T-shirts. They came into being in the 19th century for the sole purpose of aiding sailors in wearing close-fitted shirts. Bomber jackets were made as a unique offering for pilots to keep them warm at higher altitudes. And as far as the trench coat is concerned, the name is self-explanatory.

The same way many brands and designers of green jackets and khaki pants take their inspiration from the military. But not everyone can carry them well and not look like a soldier. While preserving your casual look, if you want to don “green” apparel then this blog is for you. There are many ways you can look great in shades of green. Keep on reading below to find out more!

Feel Comfy in Slim Tailoring

Well, you can flaunt an amazing look with slim greens. Avoid wearing the baggy variations since they seem a little outdated. These days slim trousers and figure-hugging shirts are all the rage. If you go for this type of wear you won’t look like a soldier but you will still be able to showcase a daunting look regardless. Make sure to go for two-piece cotton clothes along with blue or brown shoes. Once you’re ready just look in the mirror and you’ll thank me for this suggestion!

Camouflage Yourself with Camo

There’s no doubt that camo has historically presented quite a pressing look. The fact is that it still carries its defining characteristics. And interestingly stays in fashion despite all the developments in the men’s fashion industry. Camo trousers or t-shirts or even jackets are highly sought after and why shouldn’t they? I mean, they let you stay comfortable yet allow you to carry an impressive personality. Make sure to wear only one from your shirt or trousers in camo. Pair it with neutral tones to see the magic.

Flaunt Uniform-like Outfits

During autumn things seem a little too off and black and white. When the green is disappearing and the leaves are falling off, try the “green”! Let your entire clothing boast different shades of this soothing color and you will thank me later. From your head to toe, in the boring season, you will bring color to the scene! And not only that, even at informal and formal events alike, you can flaunt such a dressing with a blazer to seem at the top of your fashion game.

Advance Your Fashion Sense

You can wear the green in the form of bombers, trench coats, and field jackets as well. Yet, you will look your absolute best. Boast a casual look by pairing up with denimwear as well. Let one part of your clothing showcase green colors and the other to amplify brown ones. Wear a green jacket with brown jeans and you will appreciate the amazing combination!

Try Suit Separates

If you don’t want to be fully immersed in green colors then you can go with suit separates as well. Pair up olive green with blue and grey colors. The result will be pure class, mark my words. You can also try button-down shirts with denim jeans to take your fashion game up a notch.

Embrace Cargo Trousers

Another great offering for green lovers is cargo trousers. After their introduction in the market, many people used them along with neutral colors. Green shades of all types work on them! You can use them in conjunction with complementary white shirts and the result will be fulfilling! If you’re looking for breathable wear then this is your best bet. Make sure to try wearing cargo trousers with a white shirt and white sneakers!

Don the Knitwear

Knitwear that’s inspired by military clothes is quite classy in all honestly. The shades of green truly help the wearer register classy looks. Imagine wearing a neck jumper that shimmers with shades of emerald along with denim jeans. Top this look off with a black jacket. You’ll look great particularly if you have a darker skin tone.

Go for Cool Accessories

A great addition to your wardrobe would be some “green” accessories. This natural color will allow you to seem fresh and bright. You can buy a variety of fashion accessories to complement your outfit. Hats and scarves, and bags and watches are available in a variety of green shades. Go for them. They will make you look your best! Follow the above recommendations if you have a liking for the “green” apparel. By sticking to the fashion ideas in this blog, you can wear “green” to look your very best. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about looking like a soldier. You will still look like a normal guy but only one thing will change: your fashion sense will be at a whole new level with these military-inspired outfits!

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