How Much Do Lip Injections Cost

How Much Do Lip Injections Cost?

Thanks to the celebrities we see on TV, full lips have gradually become something that people want to have. When we see these full lips; however, we cannot help but wonder if they are natural or as a result of lip fillers. Whatever we chose to believe, the truth remains that lip fillers are a thing and people are getting them. If you are wondering what these lip fillers are, how they work, or how much these lip fillers cost in UK, then sit back and take in all the information we are bringing to you.

What are lip injections and how do they work?

Lip injection or lip fillers are injections that are injected into the mouth to make them appear fuller. Through the injection process, the lips are filled with materials that can either increase their volume, lift the corners of the mouth, smoothen out wrinkles, and correct uneven lips. There is a lot more to lip injections than what we see on social media.

It all begins when a patient meets with the dermatologist for consultations. Here, the dermatologist asks the patient exactly what they want or how they want their lips to look. This is important because the dermatologist has to make sure the patient’s choice is attainable and matches the face’s overall structure. The facial structure will determine the lip shape and volume; for example, someone with a smaller face or facial features will look better with a lip shape and volume that matches their face.

After a consultation, the amount of filler to be used will be determined, and the whole process continues with the patient’s lips being cleansed with alcohol and anesthetized. The filler is then injected into the lips in areas that need an increase in volume and then massaged gently to prevent the formation of lumps. Although the amount of filler used depends on the patient’s anatomy and goals, not more than one milliliter of filler is used at every given session.

What is the cost of the lip fillers?

The price or cost of lip fillers is dependent on certain factors, some of which include the injector you chose and your location. However, on average, the cost of lip filler is between £250 – £500. In some expensive places, you can expect the cost of getting lip fillers to be between £500 -£1000. For people who would like fuller lips, it means using additional fillers, and this will also lead to an increase in charges or cost.

Are lip injections painful?

Simply put, without the use of an anesthetic or numbing cream, the injection will feel like a sharp pinch. Since the lips are quite sensitive, some options make the whole process painless. These options contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine. Other options include numbing cream you can apply 15 minutes before the injection or nerve blocks that numb the entire lip area. You can also ask for ice to be applied topically between injections.

What is injected into the lips?

Although different materials can be used as lip filler, the most common is hyaluronic acid. This is regarded as the best lip filler because it is soft and can easily be dissolved if anything goes wrong like too much filler is used, there are allergic reactions, or the patient is not satisfied with the results.

Other materials like silicone gel were used in the past, but it led to granulomas and the firming of scar tissue. Other options are recently available for people who do not want the super plumped look that came with lip injections but still wanted some enhancements to their lips. This option includes a clear gel made of hyaluronic acid formation that enhances and smoothens the wrinkles on the lips and lines around the mouth.

What is the recovery process?

Immediately after the injection, your lips become visibly swollen and mildly bruised. Most of the swelling will disappear in two days, and by two weeks, the swelling must have disappeared entirely. If you have a major event, it is advised that you get lip injections at least two weeks before the event and not days before.

How long does the lip filler last?

On average, the lip fillers should last for about six months. However, there are categories of people who metabolize the fillers quickly, which means the fillers won’t last that long. Examples include people who live a very active lifestyle. Also, note that most fillers are approved for use on people aged 21 and above.

What is the best type of lip filler?

Hyaluronic fillers are the most common injections people ask for when going for lip fillers. They are injected below the outer layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body and a primary ingredient in our skincare products. It has also become the main ingredient in lip fillers and can be used to reshape and volumize the lips.

What are the risks or side effects of lip injections?

Just like every other cosmetic procedure that involves the use of needles, lip injections are no exception. With lip injection, there is the risk of infection. This infection can manifest as redness, increased swelling and pain. It can also cause a flare for those who have had a previous herpes infection. Such patients are usually placed on antiviral medication two days before the procedure.

Can I get plumper lips without injections?

Yes, you can. Some options are available for people who are averse to needles; however, the effects do not last as long as the lip injections. There is the lip butter you can use to hydrate the lips and smoothen out wrinkles. This makes the lips appear fuller, although the effects disappear within a few hours.

You can also apply the topical product to increase the blood flow to your lips, making them appear temporarily larger. At Lip fillers London, we help our clients get the desired lip enhancement they need. Contact us by sending an email or giving us a call.

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