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Ski Time: Your Favourite Rolex Watches to Wear on the Slopes

Northern Hemisphere is already enjoying the inception and essence of the ski season. People are excited to hit on the slopes, likely to be accompanied by their favorite Rolex watch on the wrist. However, why Rolex?

Well, this is because the leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex has a prolific role in this sport. In 1968, Rolex stepped into the world of skiing, choosing Jean Claude Killy for his boldness and obsession to wear and promote the brand.

Following him, other noteworthy skiers began wearing Rolex watches. Ever since then, Rolex has been a significant part of the sport. Today, leisurely, as well as professional skiers, choose Rolex as their ideal skiing companion.

Are you planning to hit the slopes? Here are some of the best Rolex watches that can accompany you on the slopes with precision and confidence.

Rolex Daytona White Dial Reference 116520

The luxurious white dial is the centre of appeal in the Daytona 116520. However, Daytona is one of the iconic models that Rolex introduced in 1963. The watchmaker designed the watch exclusively for the motorsports’ world.

However, the Rolex Daytona 116520 looks classic because of its white dial. And the stainless steel Daytona is today one of the hottest and coveted models in the world.

Rolex indeed created the Daytona to be on the race track. However, the signature three sub-dials of Daytona will help you track time while going down the mountain.

Rolex Explorer II ‘Polar’ Dial Reference 16570

Another favourite Rolex watch to accompany while skiing is the Polar Explorer II 16570. The beautiful white face of the watch acquired the nickname ‘Polar’. Moreover, the luminescent hour markers on the stark white dial are outlined in black, boosting its legibility and appeal.

The watch also flaunts a stainless steel case and a contrasting red GMT-hand. However, the 40mm steel case houses an automatic Calibre 3185. Overall, the Rolex Explorer II Reference 16570 is incredibly famous among collectors across the globe. And undoubtedly, the watch can be a sophisticated companion for your Alpine adventure.

Rolex Datejust White Dial Reference 126334

Watch enthusiasts consider the Datejust as the quintessential Rolex timepiece. It enjoys unrivalled fame and status. People treasure the Datejust as it is a genuine do-anything, go-anywhere type of watch that complements any wardrobe.  

Thus, the Datejust can be the classic pick for skiing, especially the Reference 126334. The watch is the recent edition of the bigger-sized Datejust, featuring a 41mm case size. However, it features a rugged stainless steel case and an 18ct white gold bezel.

The in-house automatic Calibre 3235 movement powers the Reference 126334, and the watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 100m. Moreover, the stainless steel Jubilee bracelet completes the watch’s classic dress look and makes it more durable to bear a long day on the slopes.

So, which Rolex watch would be your pick to wear on the slope?

Now, let’s take a look at the ski icon that makes Rolex watches famous in the world of skiing – Jean-Claude Killy.

The Ski Legend Jean-Claude Killy

Jean-Claude Killy and Rolex are so intertwisted in the past that you cannot ignore any one of these two while talking about one. Well, let’s begin with the incredibly talented Alpine skier Jean-Claude Killy. He dominated the slopes in the 1960s and won three gold medals at the Winter Olympics in 1968.

Undoubtedly, Killy mastered the skiing sport and made many accomplishments during his glorious career. Interestingly, he became the brand ambassador of Rolex. Later, Killy participated in the race car driving and also made an appearance on the silver screen.

Moreover, he also served as the Board of Directors at the Swiss watch giant company Rolex for over four decades. And Jean-Claude Killy secured a Rolex timepiece named after him. How?

Well, Rolex lovers know that many notable personalities have got a Rolex named after them. One needs to be prolific like James Cameron or James Bond. In skiing, the watchmaker chose ‘Triple Crown’ winner Killy to represent its brand.

And as expected, Rolex enthusiasts nicknamed the Rolex Dato-Compax chronograph after Jean-Claude Killy. The rumour says that Killy owned and wore the Dato-Compax watch during his career at some point. However, the funny thing is that the legend skier has been spotted with a Rolex President in most photos.

Nevertheless, the ingenious and sophisticated Rolex Dato-Compax will always be associated with Jean-Claude Killy along with the skiing world.

Interestingly, the ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ Rolex Dato-Compax chronograph is available in five references – the 6236, 6036, 5036, 4767, and 4768. However, Killy might have owned one of the later versions from the 1960s. But a significant fact to note is that the entire Dato-Compax collection is referred to as Killy’s – not only the later references of Dato-Compax Chronograph. The Rolex Dato-Compax is an excellent example of an incredibly complicated watch. It features a triple calendar and chronograph functionality. The timepiece is exceptionally sophisticated yet sporty enough to suit the adventurous and luxurious lifestyle of professional skiers.

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