Why should one use indoor plants for home decor?

There are a number of houseplants which are used nowadays to make the places attractive. These plants include money plants, jade plants, cacti, lucky bamboo, and other flower plants that can flourish even in shades. Some of them have variegated leaves, and leaves of some plants are of colors other than the usual green color. One should decorate one’s place with plants due to following reasons

Cheapest method of decoration

Growing plants is so cheap that one can even grow them from their cuttings. They can take these cuttings from the plants in their neighborhood or from their friends. Most indoor plants can propagate using their cuttings. Some of them can also grow in water. Thus you will not have to arrange the soil for them. Indoor plants can remain alive without any problem for a long period of time. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on any fertilizers and insecticide or pesticide. Indoor plants like money plants, Aloe Vera, and snake plants can grow with their cuttings. One can grow plants in pots made of waste plastic bottles. These bottles are cut and then colored. After making drainage holes, these can be used for growing plants in soil.

Unique ideas for ornamentation

People will wonder to see how you have used the plants for decorations. You can give them desired shapes with their pruning and cutting. For example, jade plants can be given the shape of any animal or bird. Designer pots and containers assist the plant in making a place beautiful. Terracotta pots can be bought in the form of sculptures of famous characters. These can be bought in color, which can complement the color of the plant. Plastic pots are easy to handle and carry. Hence, one can buy indoor plants online along with the pots of unique designs. The wall paintings and sculptures can be costly and perishable.

Easy way of beautifying your house

You can effortlessly embellish your place as some plants like succulents do not need much care. Cactus, Aloe Vera, jade plant, and Snake plant are succulents that can remain alive without water for a long time. If you are going out on a vacation or a family trip, then you do not have to worry about them. It can be extremely hard for someone to lift heavy art forms of furniture or metal.

Eco-friendly way

Growing plants for adornment is beneficial for the environment as well. People use plucked flowers for decorations in special ceremonies. The flowers separated from its plant can droop and can lose its freshness after some time. So, it would be better if they buy indoor floweringplants online, or they can buy them from any nursery which is near to their place. These can enhance the looks of your house along with purifying the air in your house.

Brings good luck

Some plants like money plants, jade plants, and lucky bamboo are considered auspicious. These bring positivity and happiness. People also believe that money plants can bring wealth to their house. It is believed that they can get money only if they will steal it from someone’s house. They can be insulted if caught doing this. Therefore they can have the option of buying the money plant online. It is said that lucky bamboo plants have five elements, which are wood, fire, metal, water, and earth, and are helpful in bringing prosperity and positive vibes. The wood element is the plant itself. A red is tied to this plant for the fire element. The container or pot is the metal element in which the plant is placed. It should be planted in water, not soil, for good luck, and which is the water element. The stones are placed on the base of the water container for the earth element.

For taking care of your health

The beautiful shades and aroma of some indoor plants can lift up the mood of a person and thus, aid in relieving one’s stress. These also make the clean available for us by filtering the air by removing the toxic chemicals from the air. Moreover, we can get oxygen as we all know plants exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. There are also some herbs that you can grow in semi-shady areas like ginger. This plant has lovely blossoms of pink and white color, which catch the attention of everyone. Being a herb, this is used for healing many problems. As you have got the knowledge about the merits of houseplants, therefore instead of bursting crackers this Diwali, do the shopping of indoor plants online. People can also give the gifts of plants to their loved ones as there is a ritual of giving gifts on important occasions, so why wait? Bring these items of great use to your home and pack them in glamorous wrappers to give them to your closed ones.

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