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A simple guide to eye lens coatings: UV, glare & scratch-resistant

If you think picking out a cool frame and a good pair of lenses seals the deal, you could be wrong. We often forget the most crucial part: the lens coating. The importance of lens coating cannot be stressed enough. Though they are practically invisible to our naked eye, they turn a pair of glasses into a tool that’s – effective and efficient!

Lens coating can go a long way to enhance visual comfort for you, by giving you an anti-reflective coating or providing you a hard layer that’s immune to scratches. Modern lens coatings also come with anti-blue light lens coating that protects your eyes if you’re working away at the computer for too long, or spending all your days looking down at your phone.

With that being said, it is no surprise that the types of lens coating available are many. Here are the best eyeglass lens coatings you need to know about:

Blue-light lens coating:

Most devices which have become indispensable to us on a regular basis, like our phones and laptops, especially so after the world went digital post-pandemic, emit a blue light that is harmful for your eyes. This can affect your eyesight, disturb your sleep cycle, and also contribute to eye strain. Hence, if you’re someone who has to work on your laptop for a prolonged number of hours at a stretch, you could opt for blue-light lens coating that would ensure you stay protected against these emissions.

Scratch-Resistant Lens coating:

As the name suggests, this lens coating protects you against scratches of any kind. All of us get our eyeglasses scratched sometime or the other – but if you’re someone who’s more prone to getting your eyeglasses scratched, there’s a way to break the cycle. Switch to scratch-resistant lens coating and resist scratches and increase the longevity of your eye wear!

UV Protective Coating:

This has been around for some time – and it could be the oldest among all lens coating, because who does not want to protect themselves against the UV light? Most sunglasses you purchase come with UV protective coating but it is possible to have this coating on your regular prescription eyeglasses, too. It safeguards your eyes from the harmful consequences of UV lights, which are notable for causing vision problems and other eye diseases that are age related.

Anti-glare lens coating:

Also known as anti-reflective coatings, these coatings are known for enhancing the amount of light your lenses absorb. In other words, they protect you from the glare of the sun and the outside – by reflecting it away from your eyes. This can be extremely beneficial for improved eyesight, and especially useful for people who often complain about being extra vulnerable to glare when they are outdoors. Anti-glare lens coatings are not only recommended for daily use for adults but also for little ones as they get used to wearing eyeglasses without many distractions!

Anti-fog lens coating:

Anti-glare is for the folks who live too much under the sun – but what about colder countries where a lot of fog is usual? You don’t want to be wiping your eyeglasses every other time during the day, so anti-fog eyeglass lens coating come to your rescue. This is also useful if you’re someone who perspires a lot. To be using anti-fog lens coating, you don’t have to be someone residing in the colder continents, you can also be an athlete who does not want his vision to be fogged up. When we say anti-fog lens coating, we mean a lens coating that has been designed to reduce condensation of moisture on your glasses, so that your glasses don’t fog up and give you a hard time.

More variants of lens coating do exist – but the ones we’ve discussed are the most popular ones that come to your rescue and make your day! You can use a mirror coating if you like privacy, or opt for tinted lenses to spice up your fashion game. Lens coatings come in a variety of colors that can enhance your fashion game, and make sure you turn heads as you walk past.

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