Best Flowers for Occasion

Best Flowers to Present someone for Different Occasions

Our life is a compilation of beautiful memories and occasions that make it so special and memorable. Every day is an opportunity to cherish our loved ones and make them realize how special they are for us. Love knows no boundaries, and it does not see gender, age, religion, it is just the connection that we have with someone else. The bonds that we have with our friends, our partner, our teachers and so on are all special and close to our hearts. But as the saying goes, a relationship only stands a chance when it is from both sides. So, to keep such people in our lives, we must keep reminding them of our love for them.

Flowers are a great way of doing so. They are one of the most preferred forms of gifts among all. But things can be tricky while choosing the right flower for the right occasion or the right person. Different flowers are assigned to different emotions and occasions, so while gifting a flower to someone; you should be well versed in part. Flowers gifts can be paired up with different other gifts such as chocolates to make the person feel extra special.

Let’s narrow down a few flowers and the best time or person to give them.

Red Roses:

Ah! The classic red roses. I am pretty sure most of you must be experts when it comes to this flower due to its famous association with Valentine’s Day. The vibrant red colour stands for love, affection and passion. Roses have always had a special part in the past and the present for being notoriously elegant and beautiful. Due to all the above reasons, the Red Rose is best gifted to the one you love deeply to let it be on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or in the form of a proposal. They can even be gifted as a form of romantic gesture towards your partner.

Yellow Roses:

Extending on the topic of roses, different colours represent different meanings. While a vibrant red rose denotes romantic involvement towards a person, a yellow rose represents friendship and caring. Usually, when a person wants to show some love towards his or her best friend, a yellow rose may be the best pick for them and they are one of the most preferred flowers for Friendship day. Want to make your friend feel special, get that beautiful and fresh yellow rose bouquet for them.


Carnations are the most popular commercial flowers that are religiously used for decorations and boutonnieres. A fun fact for you, Carnations were used to cure fevers in Early Europe. Just like roses, different coloured Carnations have different meanings to them. Let’s list down a few for you.

  • White Carnations are used to represent purity and peace.
  • Deep Red Carnations, just as the red roses, represent love and affection.
  • Purple carnations are best to symbolize Capriciousness.
  • Gratitude is symbolized by Pink Carnations and so forth.
  • Pink Carnations are the most preferred flowers to present to your mother during Mother’s day.


Let’s jump up the flowers belonging to almost a 1000 species family, Orchids. They are beautiful, complex, but equally incredible when it comes to the way they represent emotions. Due to their beautiful structure and unique creation, they are a perfect representation of luxury, strength, and beauty. Due to the various aspects of its image, an Orchid can be the best gift for occasions such as wedding anniversary, get well soon wishes, housewarming gifts, etc. Any occasion where you want to admire the success, courage or achievement, Orchids will be the best choice.


Lilies are methodically associated with motherhood and rebirth due to the Greek myth related to Hera and god Zeus. In China, they are popularly used in Weddings as they depict a long-married and love life. Some cultures also tie these beautiful flowers with good luck and purity. Lilies are best gifted on your or your loved ones 30th marriage Anniversary. These fragrant beauties are most popular for the meaning of devotion.

All the above flowers and many more have been used to represent our emotion to the people closest to us. They are a gift that has not lost their charm and beauty to date and have always emerged as the best gifts. Now, with online Flowers bouquet deliveries, we have more opportunities to make our loved ones pampered and adored. Flowers have so much more to offer humanity with the beauty and elegance they hold. They are truly nature’s best gift. Love, devotion, care, affection, help us celebrate so many beautiful emotions with the people we care about.

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