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How to Choose the Right MBBS University in Abroad

It is well known and accepted that, in India, till a student’s 10 + 2 exam, he or she has a choice to make, only in deciding the stream one would like to pursue, keeping in close mind one’s basic aptitude and inclination and a small amount of thought for the future, real-world work or employment. The said streams would be either science, commerce, or arts. Thereon, the whole scenario changes.

Once again, depending on one’s capabilities, maybe also passion-related career options, creeps in, and the real world looms large. In so many cases, a student has to bury his own thoughts and wishes and comply with parental expectations and desires. In India, at least, the parent’s word is still the heaviest and forms the basis of an employment decision. We all are also aware, that in India, much of the favored career options for a parent, regarding a career for their children, shift between becoming a doctor or an engineer. There is a supposed feeling of security and accomplishment and prestige issue attached with these two main choices or options. In plenty of cases, the Doctor option wins.

Now, once the career option has been made and accepted by both the parent and the child, to ultimately score in the medical field, the hunt begins for the right medical university and college, for that coveted MBBS degree, and most importantly, from and in the correct country to obtain it from. It surely then seems like a real uphill task, as there are so many and more varied options. The whole world is open to aspiring medical students.

Therefore, to make this enormous task a bit easier, let us try and follow some basic ground rules, and issues, suiting one’s situation. First and foremost, an MBBS degree attained from abroad would definitely seem the most lucrative. However, the problem still persists in how to narrow down one’s search and come to a logical and mutually beneficial decision. Having taken that most important decision, how to decide, firstly, which medical university and college and in which country. Well, let us take it to step by step.

Deciding and Narrowing the Search Down to Which Country to do MBBS from –

Almost every country on the globe today, entices an aspiring MBBS student, and parent with multiple lucrative offers in all matters related to an MBBS program. Yet, a student can only complete the course from only one place at a time. Therefore, concentrate on the various offers from various countries and make a comparison chart. Here we take into consideration various factors, in order to narrow down our search and come to an educated conclusion.

  1. We need to question the country itself and its ties with India. In this matter, Indians have a plus point as our country has better than average relationships, diplomatically and otherwise, with most other enterprising and lucrative countries such as Kazakhstan, China, and Russia. MBBS in Russia eligibility for Indian students is very minimum like other countries such as China and Kazakhstan.
  2. The next definite factor is related to the safety of all foreign students. The country has to ensure a cosmopolitan atmosphere, being a melting pot of people assembling from different cultures and backgrounds, and yet, mixing seamlessly and effortlessly. This also opens up a global situation, both in terms of medical studies and being exposed to a world medical platform.
  3. A must mention here definitely, is the all the important fee structure. This fee structure basically consists of two parts. The hostel fee, which obviously consists of boarding and lodging, and the student study fees. The fact in question to look out for and seriously consider here is, the issue of investment and return. A more than a modest sum of money would definitely be involved to complete an MBBS course. However, if it is observed and understood that the degree attained from such a medical university or college, ensures sure-shot career options in the medical field, anywhere and any part of the globe, it then becomes definitely worth considering. Also to be taken into account is the day to day living expenses a student would incur, during the tenure of completing the MBBS course.
  4. Last, but never least, medical universities and colleges should be recognized and respected by all major medical bodies in the world. The facilities provided should be of international standards like the Kazan Federal University of Russia, both in terms of theoretical and practical exposure. Also, an important factor to be kept in mind and reason for close understanding is the aspect of the hospitals that are affiliated with the medical universities and medical colleges. After all, it is here that the ultimate exposure to one and all medical students are provided, and what would ultimately decide and differentiate between a good passing out medical student, and an excellent one.

Keeping all of this strictly in mind, one would say, score all your options and without fail and second guesses, make an educated choice of, not only the country but, equally important, the very medical university and the medical college one finally decides upon. Good luck and happy hunting.

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