Lose Weight In Healthy Way

How To Exercise & Eat To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

If you have been on a diet many times and have been rebounding repeatedly, you may be a “permanent dieter,” and the way you diet may be making it hard to lose weight.

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is important to set appropriate goals and review exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Let’s get the knack of making these three habits firmly and make it the last diet in your life!

What does it mean to lose weight in a healthy way?

Some people aim to lose weight when they say “to lose weight,” A healthy diet is to build a body with smooth metabolism and less fatigue by removing not only weight but also excess fat and making appropriate muscles.

For that purpose, it is important to review the three points of dietary control, exercise, and correct lifestyle.

Benefits of a healthy diet

By controlling your diet, exercising, and reviewing your lifestyle, you can expect a healthy body with smooth metabolism.

In addition, eating well while exercising can reduce the stress of not being able to eat and has the advantage of being easy to continue.

The setting of the goal

Let’s set a reasonable weight and body fat percentage target. From your goals, you can figure out how much exercise and dietary control you should have from the current situation.

Use the following calculation to determine your daily calorie reduction target. Let’s reduce this target calorie reduction by exercising and eating.


There are two types of exercise: aerobic exercises such as walking and running and anaerobic exercise that uses muscles instantaneously, such as strength training. To lose weight efficiently, it is essential to exercises, not just one.

Burning fat with aerobic exercise

When performing a low-intensity exercise such as walking and running for a long time, body fat is mainly used as an energy source in the body. Therefore, aerobic exercise is called “fat-burning exercise.” Cenforce 150 and Vilitra also help to boost physical health.

This aerobic exercise uses energy even for a short time, but you start using body fat as an energy source 20 minutes after you start it. You can reduce your body fat more by doing it for 20 minutes or more. You can expect it.

Increase basal metabolism with anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise, such as weight training, has a low-fat burning rate during exercise like aerobic exercise, but it trains muscles called fast muscles.

By training this fast muscle, you can expect increasing basal metabolism (energy metabolism at rest).

In other words, if this muscle is trained, the calories burned will increase even if you live the same life as before, and you will be able to make a body that is easy to lose weight.

It is also said that anaerobic exercise promotes the secretion of hormones that increase lipolysis, such as adrenaline & growth hormone, which promotes fat burning in following activities.

Therefore, in order to reduce body fat, it is said that a combination of anaerobic exercises such as muscle training →, walking, and aerobic exercise is good.

How to combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise and their calories burned.

So how do you specifically combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise?

First, perform strength training while applying a load that suits you, and then perform an aerobic exercise such as light walking / running, swimming (underwater walking, etc.), and biking.


To lose weight healthily, do not reduce anything drastically. It’s important to have just calorie control, a well-balanced diet, & the nutrition you need.

Firmly protein to improve basal metabolism

Amino acids that makeup protein are one of the nutrients that are indispensable when converting what you eat into energy. If this is inadequate, the cycle of energy metabolism will not run easily, and even if you refrain from calories, it will easily accumulate as fat.

Also, no matter how much you exercise, if you do not have the protein that is the body for your good muscles, your training will be useless.

Protein is rich in meat, seafood, soybeans & soybean products, eggs, and dairy products. Be aware that you should eat at least each meal that contains protein.

Some foods that are high in protein are also high in fat. Be careful with fatty meats and fish. Also, it would be good to avoid cooked foods and stir-fried foods that use a lot of oil.

Ingestion of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins & minerals are also one of the nutrients that you want to take with protein. Like proteins, these also play an important role in energy metabolism, & if they are deficient, metabolism will not run easily. It is also required to build muscle from protein.

It is evenly contained in vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc., so be sure to take it every meal. In addition, the B vitamins, which are closely related to metabolism.

Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol can be drunk like water, but alcohol also has energy. If your alcohol too much, you will consume too much energy with alcohol instead of snacks.

Liver function is an organ that is deeply involved in not only alcohol processing but also the metabolism of sugars, proteins, and lipids. Decreased liver function may cause swelling and  Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 to improve male energy.

Let’s lose weight healthily and efficiently. To lose weight in a good way, you start by living a healthy life. Set a reasonable weight loss goal and diet, exercise, & lifestyle habits to meet it.

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