Things to Add to Your Diet to Gain Weight

A lot of people struggle to sustain a healthy weight, although being lean is not a threat to health but being underweight is a concern if it’s due to malnutrition. You are considered underweight if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is below 18.5.

Being a bodybuilder, you have to eat at least five to six meals with a gap of four to five hours, per day. Eating junk food, sugary sodas, bakery products and candies might add pounds to your weight but it is not a source of a healthy weight gain. This weight will most probably end up around your belly, which puts you at a high risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Manage your daily calorie in-take in such a way that it fulfils your body requirement without any extra burden on your stomach functioning. Adding certain foods to your diet can make your weight gain efforts, both healthy and efficient.

Here are some things to reckon with your diet which will aid you in gaining weight:


Milk is being used as a weight gainer for decades as it contains an ideal balance of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and calcium. Research done by the National School of Bodybuilding has proved that milk combined with weightlifting can help you to gain muscle. Drink one or two glasses of whole milk as a snack meal or before workout, if you’re training.


Rice is low cost calorie-dense, carb source which means you can attain high amounts of calories and carbs from a single serving. This helps you to eat more food even if you have a poor appetite. A dish of rice can be consumed as a whole meal which acts as an easy to digest, calorie boost.

Red Meat

Red meat is undoubtedly the best muscle building food that mother nature has gifted us. Your body needs Leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and generate new muscle tissues. It is the key amino acid which contains dietary creatine in huge amounts. It is renowned as the best muscle building supplement and to our surprise, 6 ounces (170 grams) of red meat steak contains about 5 grams of Leucine. Fatty meat is rich in calories which will help you to gain weight faster. Plan a diet course for yourself with lean or fatty meat as a daily meal.


Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are among the most significant nutrients. It provides incredibly healthy proteins which will help you in building muscle faster than any other meal would. Despite it’s high fat content, fish nutrients support brain health and protect against cardiovascular diseases. It is a low-calorie food but it could result as an effective weight and muscle gainer if combined with high calorie toppings such as nuts and nut butters.

Whole Eggs

Eggs provide an optimal fusion of high quality proteins and healthy fats. Almost all of the natural beneficial nutrients existing on this planet are found in the yolk of egg. Eggs are a calorie boost for your daily diet and there is no need to limit your egg consumption. Try to eat as many eggs as you can in order to gain healthy weight.

Protein Supplements

Consuming protein supplements is a common strategy among athletes and bodybuilders in order to gain weight. Some people believe that protein supplements are unhealthy or unnatural but that’s not true since they are made of processed dairy. Like milk, meat and all other animal products, protein supplements accommodate all the essential amino acids required for gaining muscle weight. As the name suggests, protein supplements provide an instant rush of proteins and energy. Consume a glass of protein shake mixed with 2 cups of powdered protein supplement pre or post workout in order to gain weight and forge your training session, competitively dynamic.

Gaining weight could be as challenging as losing weight, since it mainly depends upon the genetics of how your body processes calories and proteins. But according to a famous phrase, “You are what you eat” , foods on this list can help you gain weight and muscle mass because the secret behind gaining weight is to eat more calories than you’re burning.

In some cases, you may also require the help of products such as steroids. However, if you intend to use them, make sure to get them from a reputable store such as UGFreak. It is one of the best sources to buy testosterone steroids online.

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