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What’s up, guys!! How are you feeling being raised in a digitalized era of computers and laptops, along with other accessories such as iPad, mobiles, and many others? How much are you aware of using this technology?? Have you ever wondered how these gadgets came into existence? Just think………think……. Do you know?

Ok, let’s discuss some of these questions……


  1. Computer – It is an electronic machine that helps to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically through computer programming.
  2. Laptop –It is a lightweight, portable personal computer with a thin LCD or LED screen mounted on the inside of the laptop’s upper lid. In addition, there is an alpha-numeric keyboard and a touch mouse in the lower lid.
  3. iPad – This is one of the gadgets from the Tablet family of computers. It was developed and marketed by Apple Inc. that runs iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems.
  4. Tablet – It is a mobile device with a mobile operating system with a touchscreen display. These are mainly operated by finger gestures or a pen rather than the mouse or keyboard of computers.
  5. Mobile – It is a portable telephone that can make calls over a radio frequency connection and receive them. In addition, mobiles have the facility of text messaging, MMS, e-mail, Internet access, Bluetooth, video games, and digital photography.
  6. Printer – A printer is a peripheral machine that makes the proper representation of graphics or text, generally on paper. There are different types of printers such as 3D printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers, etc.
  7. Scanner – It is a device used to scan images, printed texts, handwriting, or an object and converts it into a digital image. 
  8. Projector – It is an optical device that projects an image onto a surface commonly a projection screen.


Charles Babbage, an English mechanical engineer, and polymath was the first one to originate the concept of a programmable computer. Thus, he came to be known as the ‘Father of Computers’. Alan Turing suggested the theory of modern computers.

As the use of personal computers became more workable in 1971, the idea of portable personal computers soon followed. Alan Kay, at Xerox PARC in 1968, imagined a ‘personal, portable information manipulator’. The IBM 5100 was the first portable computer that appeared in September 1975 to be commercially available.

Talking about the projectors, there have been a few pieces of evidence that have been found in history. People at that time were not able to differentiate between the use of lantern projection and shadow play.

The tablet computer and its associated operating system came into existence with the development of pen computing. Early as 1888, electrical devices with data input and output on a flat information display existed with the telautograph.

The first computer printer design was the first mechanical-driven printer by Charles Babbage for his Difference Engine in the 19th century, but it was not built until 2000. The first electronic printer was the EP-101, invented by the Japanese Company Epson and was released in 1968.

Types of Accessories:  

  1. TABLETS – The range of Android tablets on the market makes it hard to compile specifications. Android tablets are just specialized computers in reality. A version of Google’s mobile operating system runs on all Android tablets. Older tablets could be stuck with a smartphone-designed Google operating system. Some Android apps may not be able to run the older versions of the operating system. The older the Android version, the fewer applications the computer will be able to run without problems.
  • APPLE iPads – Each year, Apple launches a new iPad lineup, and although there are always a few key changes, the device largely stays the same. This is because the computer is still, for the most part, an iPad. It may be quicker, slightly lighter, and slightly faster, but most of the functions are still the same. Even the name appears to remain the same. Some of the important features of an Apple iPad are as follows:
  • Retina Display
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • Motion Co-Processor
  • Dual- facing Camera
  • 16GB to 128GB of Flash Storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 4G LTE and Assisted- GPS
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Compass
  • Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors
  • Dual Microphones
  • Lightning Connector
  • External Speaker
  • 10 hours of Battery life
  • PROJECTOR – Nearly everyone is expected to convey to clients or colleagues the material, intent, and importance of his or her work. By extending the picture of your computer screen to be big enough for a room full of people to see, projectors assist the contact. When you choose a projector, by assessing its features and characteristics, you need to be confident that it meets your needs.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High brightness and low fan noise
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Simple Operation
  • 3-D Digital Convergence.
  • PRINTER – A color printer is a printer that enables color prints to be produced for pages or other objects. Color printers have developed over a number of decades to produce higher efficiency and sophisticated outcomes, including color televisions and other forms of equipment and consumer goods. Some of the features of the printer that one has to look for:
  • Type of Printer – Inkjet vs Laser
  • Ink type – Monochrome vs Color
  • Print Speed
  • Duplex Printing Support
  • Automatic Document Feed
  • DPI – Print Quality
  • Paper Tray Capacity
  • Cartridge Capacity
  • Scanner Resolution
  • Copy Speed
  • Printer memory / RAM
  • Security and Encryption Support
  • SCANNER – In the abundance of other office equipment, scanners can be ignored, but they are increasingly vital to the productivity of your business. Here are some of the main scanner features to remember before purchasing a scanner:
  • The Feeder Type
  • Compatibility of the Software
  • Color Depth and Resolution
  • Scanning Bed Size
  • Extra Amenities
  • Warranty and Service
  • Resolution
  • Scanner Area

After going through this blog, you might have got a clearer view of the different types of accessories used along with a computer. These are just a few accessories described here……. but in reality, the list is endless! So, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, do share your comments in the comment section.

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