Easy Online Payments Solution for Unregistered Businesses and Freelancers

Many individuals like you would simply break free from the hustle and bustle of the job routine and go independent; and, pursue freelancing without any business registration. Your freelance business would need an ideal payment gateway for unregistered business to accept online payments.

Freelancers and unregistered businesses face complex issues like multi-tasking as an individual, handling various projects, client-related issues, planning finances, delayed payments, etc.

An easy and specialized payment gateway for unregistered businesses can easily resolve your payment issue.

It is not like you would get a fixed monthly salary directly in your bank account like an employee.

You might receive a fee for your regular projects and gigs or you might be getting your payment as per the individual project. Basically, it would depend on the terms with your client.

Point is, how to collect easy payments whenever you need to get paid?

Clients can be anywhere in the world, that’s the beauty of freelancing. Your services, talent, and money-making opportunities can reach anywhere and anytime with no bounds and on your terms.

The answer to the above question is – using the payment gateway for unregistered businesses – PayKun.

With PayKun, you can get paid anytime and from anywhere in the most secure way.

PayKun has been providing its payment gateway for unregistered businesses such as-

  • Web Developers
  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Writers
  • Digital Marketing Businesses
  • Artists like painters, photographers, music, etc.
  • Social Commerce
  • Fashion Designers
  • Event Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Home-based like making pickles
  • Tuition class
  • Others

How to collect easy payments with PayKun?

You may or may not have a website or app for your service or products. PayKun has got you covered in all ways.

  • Payment links for no website or app

You may or may not have a website but you do not want to use it to accept your payments.

PayKun Payment links make this possible. You can create and easily send it through Whatsapp, email, Facebook, messenger, etc.

Payment processing with payment link is completely covered with PayKun security measures. Provide all the 120+ payment mode options with it. It is as easy as create, copy and send.

  • Integration with website or app

You may have your website or mobile application to render your services or at least for your online identity.

If you are a blogger, you would have your blog. For the web development business, you will have your own website. You might have listed your paintings on your website to showcase your work.

So, you can conveniently collect online payments with PayKun payment gateway integration to your website or app.

  • Payment Button

You can create an embed code for a customized payment button and add it to your website or blog.

Your clients and customers can click and pay through the PayKun payment checkout it would lead to.

For your successful freelance business, you need to have the funds flowing regularly for your work done. It is not only important for your financial state but also for your morale and business continuity.

PayKun Payment link is that solution for your regular business payments. The link would enable a payment gateway checkout for your clients and customers. A click on the link is similar to a click on the payment button.

Salient features of the PayKun payment checkout is as follows:

  • Multiple payment modes including UPI and QR code. Other payment options are cards, net banking, and wallets.
  • PCI DSS secured. Also, it follows AES encryption standards.
  • Customize the look of the checkout page as per your branding requirements in terms of color, logo, etc.
  • The reliable payment gateway for unregistered business to keep up your reputation, business growth, and name recognition
  • Smooth checkout with a user-friendly interface
  • Client and customer will receive automatic reminder and notification to make the payment
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Easy merchant account activation

The KYC process for freelance and unregistered businesses is easy. You may register with the basic details and documents, after the primary verification as per your business model, the verification team shall reach out to you to guide you through the easy merchant account activation.


As per Wikipedia, ‘India has about 15 million freelancers and they have been significantly boosting the growth of start-ups. While fostering the start-up economy in the country, Indian freelancers are also increasingly providing expertise to top-drawer corporations as business environments and needs evolve.’

Freelance business is a seed to the startup to grow to be a multi-corporation of tomorrow. Even the government of India has been immensely supporting freelancers and startups for this reason.

Registering your business is always recommended but collecting easy online payments for your unregistered business is smooth and easy with the PayKun payment gateway and payment links.Sign up with PayKun now to get the payment gateway for your freelance business.

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