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Parenting was way easier and simple in past days. I mean parents knew about the fast friends, classmates and neighborhood company of their children. Sometimes the kid’s friendship would lead to a family friendship that meant joined vacation plans and Christmas dinners. That was pure old-time memories folks. Now let me confess that I don’t even know the real name of the silver and blue-haired guy my son has brought home. That was because he wanted me to let him borrow my violin as he wanted to ‘play’ with it. These kids don’t even understand that the violin is not a toy. Anyway I know many of you will relate with me to this that today’s teenagers are more secretive and private in terms of their friends and circle. In my time anything that you want to keep secret from your parents was considered bad.

After receiving the broken and damaged violin I tried to get to know more about that blue-haired guy and that’s how I learned about the parental control app OgyMogy. OgyMogy is a spy app that offers a monitoring feature that helped me to find out about my teenager’s online circle and particularly about jack reacher aka the blue and silverish-haired guy. You can remotely monitor all the social media platforms and instant messaging chat apps of the teenager to make sure they are not into a bad company or using drugs. Yes, it is important for their wellbeing and protection and OgyMogy does not compromise on that.

Tumblr Spy App:

Tumblr is the place to blog, follow and share your interest and hobbies. If you have a kid like mine that has an artistic soul then you must check the Tumblr spy app of the OgyMogy to know more about the blogging life of the teen. It let me check out the whole blogging site without any interruption remotely.

Telegram Spy App:

Telegram is another cloud-based and cross-platform instant messaging chat app that offers free service to its customers. It has been recently got in so much demand after a controversial update in one of the famous instant messaging chat app. Well if your kid still uses that app or wants to switch to the telegram, does not matter because the OgyMogy spy app has got your back anyway. You can check the telegram chat message activities of the teenager easily by using the telegram spy app of OgyMogy.

Instagram Spy App:

This feature was most useful as I found out about all the classmates of my teenager. Even I found out about the secret that my kid is interested in learning violin and the whole borrow violin thing was just a show that got reveled by using the Instagram spy app of the OgyMogy.This feature lets the user check out the whole activity log, chat message, and like/ comment section of the teenager.

Tinder Spy App:

I was shocked to know that my teen has the tinder app installed on his device. Although he rarely uses this app all the activities are recorded for me with the tinder spy app of the OgyMogy.

Viber Spy App:

Viber is an instant messaging chat app that offers excellent free service to its user. This app has around 1.17 billion registered users worldwide and my kid is one of them. So instead of installing the Viber app, you can just use the Viber screen recorder of the OgyMogy to follow the Viber activities of the kid.  

Know About Game Buddies:

OgyMogy offers a real-time screen monitoring feature for the parents to keep an eye on the screen activities of the teenagers. Moreover, another feature that was so much helping for me was access to the installed apps of the device. The use of the OgyMogy android spy app can change your life completely. Before the blue-haired guy was mysterious and seemed like a bad schoolboy who deals with drugs but after monitoring my teenager’s social media activities Now I know that he is just like any other careless pure, curious yet daring teenager and a good company for my kid. You can also track daily life routines and the desktop and tablets of your teenager by using the Windows and Mac spy app version of the OgyMogy.

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