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5 Activities To Enjoy When You Travel To Mumbai

Mumbai is a major cosmopolitan city in India, and it is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai has always been a favorite among tourists. This city has an incredible energy that is intoxicating, and there is no doubt that anyone taking a San Francisco to Mumbai flight will have a wonderful time here. Mumbai is also home to one of the largest film industries in the world, Bollywood. As a result, starry-eyed people from all across the country and the globe come here to try their luck in the entertainment industry. That is one reason that you will see people from all walks of life here.

Booking a flight from San Francisco to Mumbai is like signing up for a great adventure in this exotic country. As Mumbai is also a historic city, you will be surprised to see a number of amazing historical sites here. Apart from that, Mumbai has several other scenic tourist spots that you can explore. Everything from the food to the vibe of the city will make you fall in love with it. Once you are here, there will be no dull moment. Given that there are tons to do in Mumbai, you may find yourself confused. So, here are some of the top activities you can enjoy in Mumbai.

  • Enjoy sailing in the Arabian Sea: Mumbai is a coastal city, situated along the Arabian Sea. The location of the city is a major plus and you can enjoy some great activities and stunning views along the coast. Enjoying sailing in the Arabia Sea is one of the best activities in the city. You can easily hire a private boat or get on a ferry and head out into the sea. The Gateway of India is the starting point for these private boats and ferries. The views that you will witness on this trip are simply spellbinding. Sailing in the Arabian Sea is definitely one of the most relaxing activities that you can enjoy with your family or friends. When you take a ferry, you can also head out to one of the surrounding tourist spots, like the Elephanta Caves. Sailing is a complete package that will allow you to experience the beauty of the sea and allow you to visit a beautiful historical spot.

  • Take a trip to Elephanta Caves: As mentioned in the previous point, the Elephanta caves are a great tourist attraction that you can visit while you are sailing in the Arabian Sea. This historically significant location is situated at a distance of about an hour from the city. The starting point for the journey is the Gateway of India. The ferries that take you to the caves are super cheap, but you can also hire a private boat if you feel the need for a luxurious travel experience. Apart from these incredible caves, the island also offers superb trekking routes. You can spend your time while staying close to nature here. The island also has a museum and shops where you can purchase souvenirs to remind you of your trip. Both children and adults will have a great time here.

  • Explore the street food scene: Street food in Mumbai is simply the best. When you travel all the way to Mumbai, it would be a shame to leave the city without indulging in the delectable food that is offered in the city. From the street food stalls at Juhu Beach to the sophisticated restaurants located in the poshest areas of the city, Mumbai has some of the greatest food. However, the street food of the city is its main selling point. Some of the most popular dishes here include Vada Pav, Sev Puri, Chaat, etc. Enjoying a food tour in Mumbai is one of the best things that you can do if you are a food lover.

  • Go shopping around the city: Shopping is a fun and crazy experience where most of us go all out and buy as much as we can. Shopping in Mumbai is super fun, and there are several places to enjoy shopping. Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones back at home, Mumbai has some of the best choices to pick from. The Crawford Market is one of the most unique places that you explore when you want to go on a shopping spree. This fantastic market area has a myriad of things on offer, and you can buy almost anything you want here. Shopping in the city is a dream for any shopaholic.

  • Head over to Prithvi Theatre: As mentioned earlier, Mumbai is home to one of the biggest film industries in the world. This means that it would be wrong to just leave the city without at least watching a play. The Prithvi Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the city. Here you can enjoy a great play by yourself or with your partner. The entry fee for this theatre is quite affordable, and you can enjoy a brilliant show without shelling out a ton of money. If you are visiting the city in winters, then you will get to enjoy your show in a super cozy environment.

These amazing activities are only the beginning of a fun-filled vacation. Mumbai has much to do and explore, and tourists will find themselves short of time here. Apart from the activities mentioned in the list above, there are tons more to explore here. Booking an SFO to Mumbai flight is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a great holiday. The best part about these activities is that you can enjoy all of them with your loved ones. However, a solo trip to Mumbai is just as good. When you fly from SFO to Mumbai, you leave behind all your worries and problems. A trip to Mumbai is the best way for you to leave behind a monotonous life and dive headfirst into days of adventure.

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