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6 Reasons why one should visit Russia in 2021

Russia is the largest country in the world it is surrounded by mountains, valleys, frozen lakes, and a lot more. Russia the travel industry is one of the greatest and most bustling travel industries in the world. This nation is enormous to the point that it is difficult to cover every one of the spots in one go. Russia is driven by the unique culture, rich history, buzzing nightlife, and natural landscapes which attract lots of travelers from all corners of the world. Thus, we should begin with the thoughts regarding the places and things to be shrouded in Russia Tour Packages. Keep reading more about Russia.

Top Cities of Russia

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Kazan
  • Sochi
  • Omsk

Here are the top reasons to visit Russia in 2021

Are you still making plans and confused about the country you should visit post-pandemic in 2021? Avail of the Russia tour packages which will guide you plan your holiday. Here are some reasons to visit Russia:

Impressive Religious Sites:

When we talk about religious sites in Russia the country might not be on the list of destinations but with incredibly beautiful religious sites it never fails to impress travelers and locals alike and Christianity is the mainstream religion in Russia. The country has a great religious history from the time of Greek and Celtic religious influences to Christianity. I can say that Russia is filled with religious and historic wonders which make it a must-visit destination in 2021

The most delightful churches of Russia are as follows:

  1. – Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Moscow
  2. – Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow
  3. – Saint Sophia Church, Moscow
  4. – The Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir
  5. – The Navel Cathedral, Kronstadt

Russian Architecture:

Russian Architecture is usually known for its distinctive style. The evolution of Russian Architecture includes wooden churches in the north, domed-shaped structures which hold the iconic images of Russia. Perhaps one of the most prominent forms of architecture in Russia is an onion-shaped dome which usually mimics the form of a candle flame.

Some of the most beautiful architectural types in Russia are as below:

  1. – Wooden styled
  2. – Brickwork
  3. – Floral ornaments
  4. – Narrow Windows
  5. – Multiple arches
  6. – Decorated Facades
  7. – Terem roofs

Russian Music and Dance

The traditional folk dance of Russia is as unique as the nation itself. The dance forms have their origin from various ethnic groups including Slavs and Tatars. A portion of the Russian society dance and music showed up around the tenth century when the clans moved to Russia. Costumes of the dance forms were designed with minute details, women wore embroidered blouses belts and ornaments were as Men’s wore shirts, belts, narrow trousers, and high boots.

You will be thoroughly entertained on your trip to Russia because of its various dance forms and vibrant nightlife with amazing nightclubs with reasonable rates too. You can appreciate a drink over a free live music meeting at the end of the week; interesting right?

Some of the best dance forms of Russia are as below:

– Barynya

– Khorovod

– Russian Quadrille

Art and Museums

Did you know? Russia is home to the absolute best historical centers with an extraordinary mix of modern and contemporary Russian art. These museums are home to many artists and dozens of creative businesses. The nation consists of extraordinary contemporary art that can be found in exhibition halls that document the artistic development of the country from the late Soviet time frame.

Some of the best art museums are as below:

  1. – Sinara Art Gallery
  2. – Bronstein Gallery
  3. – St. Petersburg Artist Museum
  4. – New Museum of Modern Art
  5. – Academy of Fine Art Museum
  6. – State Russian Museum
  7. – State Hermitage Museum

So, exploring Russian culture and history through museums can be a stimulating and awe-inspiring experience. Be a part of Russian history and culture and make the most of your holidays.

Food and Drinks

Russia may not be the first country that comes to mind when talking about food and drinks, but surprisingly the country offers all of us a wide range of Russian cuisines which are influenced by Russian connections to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The most classic recipes are made of veggies, wheat, soups, and stuffed dough. With a vast array of international produce and dining experience, it is an overwhelming experience for all kinds of travelers. 

Some of the must-try Russian Cuisines are as below:

  1. – Borscht (Beet Soup)
  2. – Shchi (Cabbage Soup)
  3. – Pirozhki (Baked puff)
  4. – Pelmeni (Pastry Dumplings)
  5. – Blini (Wheat Pancake)
  6. – Shashlyk (Russian Kebabs)

The Untouched and Unexplored Nature of Russia

The nature of Russia’s landscapes from colossal mountains to the desert, freezing coastlines, and substantially more. The 3/4 part of Russia is Siberia full of tall and enormous pine trees, known as taigas. There are around 100,000 streams in Russia and numerous lakes as well. The nation is home to numerous species like snow panthers, mountain bears, polar bears, little bunnies and you can likewise discover Siberian tigers here. What’s more, Russia has Altai National Park to visit for all the Wildlife enthusiasts.


Now that you know why one should visit Russia perhaps this is the best time to visit Russia as it is completely safe to plan a trip to Russia in 2021. And for hassle-free travel, you need to take all the necessary precautions and go for online flight booking.  And have a good time visiting Russia. Thank you!

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