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Study Shows Web Security Directly Affects SEO

It has been found that the percentage of users who use search engines for typing a query and getting a good surfing experience is 93 %. But you need not to get surprised with this whopping figure. Now we can use Google to search anything within seconds. Searching in this way is so convenient that we have developed a habit of doing this by making the use of the internet. Everyday more than 3.5 billion searches are generated by Google.

Most of us are aware of the basics of those SEO practices that are effective. It is always recommended to use the keywords in a strategic and savvy manner. Along with this it is necessary to focus on creating content that is valuable, useful and original, come up with meta descriptions that are appropriate, and optimize the alt tags. We also need to give importance to link earning and link building.

Now web security is also important so as to give protection to our website. It has a great impact on our efforts of search engine optimization. Providing you a more enjoyable and safer internet is the goal of Google. Therefore, your web security needs to be very strong.

Possibility of hacks during SEO

SEO can be the reason behind the hacking of the sites. The percentage of these kinds of hacked sites is 73.9 % as per the reports given by GoDaddy. A site can get hacked by adding new pages and links to it by a hacker. Because of this, the rankings of a site can be dropped and Google can blacklist it too.

Monitoring the security of a website

If we ignore this problem then its consequences can be serious. A monitoring of the potential hacking events is usually done by 50 % publishers only. The search engines have banned only 6500 websites among 65000 websites when an analysis was performed on these sites and this report has been given by GoDaddy. If your site has been banned then expecting Google to notice your site will be a bad idea. So, don’t rely on Google for this. Also, the percentage of banned sites that were infected is only 10 % according to the research of GoDaddy. This shows that Google does not notify 90 % of the infected sites. A website can get affected with the effect on rankings. You can’t expect good results if somebody adds spam links and spam pages to your site.

Web security and WordPress plugins

For some trades, taking the help of the plugin author to buy WordPress plugins is included in their SEO model. But what does a plugin do? It helps in adding hidden links to a site by updating the code. You may be using a script and the plugin. It is necessary to review both of these. Go to the search engine and see if somebody has already hacked the plugin. Type on the Google:

  • Plugin name + hacked
  • Plugin name + bugs

Don’t think of using Google as an antivirus

It has been found that for getting security a monitoring system was used by 50 % of trades when these trades were surveyed by GoDaddy. Sucuri Security and WordFence are the security plugins that are most popular in a WordPress site. If you are interested in monitoring and scanning potential hacking events, then you can do this by using these plugins. For temporary or permanent blocking of hackers, there are firewall features present in these plugins. If there is a suspicious behavior of certain visitors then these plugins have the capability of blocking their IP addresses. For getting services like social media optimization, pay per click and search engine optimization it will be good for you to contact a digital marketing company.

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