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A World of Apps: Best Photo-Editing alternative apps

Instagram could also be used by millions of people to change their photographs and share them with their social networks, but is it really the easiest photo editing tool available on mobile devices? Or is the real appeal of Instagram the ability to share your photos instantly with friends when watching theirs? The experience of sharing is the impetus behind social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. One of the reasons why people flock so readily to these free services is to gain immediate feedback on their everyday activities.

Below are a few applications that have an equal ability to edit images just in case you chose not to appeal to Instagram and its new policies:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

This software helps you to easily edit and upload images from your mobile device by using simple gestures. You can choose between a one-touch effect spread, or simply drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, or change your picture color. Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Retro, Rainbow, White Glow, Soft Black and White are computer graphics. You may also install creative filters, such as Soft Focus or Sketch.

  • Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary can be a powerful photo editor developed as an easy way to edit your images. You’ll even share your favorite social networks right from Aviary to all or some of your favorite ones. Aviary has 25 million monthly active users, and 2,500 apps such as Flickr, Yahoo Mail, Imager, Twitch, Shopify, Rock Melt and Mail Chimp are affiliated with it.

  • Snap seed

Snap seed Mobile can be a strong and enjoyable app designed to enhance and share your pictures. Snap seed puts the facility at your fingertips for photographic upgrades and allows you to reinforce, turn, and upload images.

  • This fun and simple ‘darkroom’ app makes it easy to feature an effect, overlay and border to promote the vintage, grunge, clean or stylish look. Pixar-o-Mastic can be a photo-editing program that can allow your photos to use a variety of effects.
  • Camera+
    There are two ways for the Camera+ software to be used. You can either work with images already in the photo archive of your iPhone, or take fresh photos and edit them. Camera+ requires an image stabilizer for the latter to scale back the implications of camera shake, a self-timer and a burst mode.

There are a plethora of photo editing applications available in both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play, as you’ll see. Tara, Photo pal, Best Camera and FX Photo Studio are other viable applications, all of which provide photo editing and computer graphics equivalent to your images. The unedited truth is that mobile photo-editing is not a monopoly, although certain apps might be preferred and used more than others as well. For anyone, there is a mobile picture editing app.

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Today, in the realm of Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, I would like to take a look at the role E-commerce is starting to play. In the past couple of years, social media platforms have expanded exponentially. For those who don’t recall, Facebook started to network as an environment exclusively for students at the school level. Now all-inclusive, with 955 million users worldwide, Facebook is the most populous social gaming and media site in the world.

With over 500 million users worldwide, Twitter is second, LinkedIn is third with about 175 million, and Google+ trails all three with about 90 million. With such an enormous user base to succeed in bending, the next logical move is an e-commerce presence, and as was usual, Facebook takes the lead. This paper would concentrate on what Facebook has done to streamline the social media element of e-commerce.

Sites “Like”

It is fair to note that most Facebook users are familiar with the “Like” button and the “Like” pages as well. These pages identify the user’s interests and activities, provide updates on such products and promotions, as well as allow users to share their views on those products.

The ultimate aim of every Facebook “Like” page for merchants is to get the first number of “Likes” and then the first number of page views and sales of your specific product. The question lies in separating prospective customers from existing ones. If anyone “likes” a product listing, they’ll own it already, save their money for that product, or just think it’s neat but don’t need it or need it. Facebook does not thank these users for separating them immediately.

E-Commerce socially

1.6% of users spent over $1 billion on virtual products (virtual character accessories, Farmville software, etc.) within the first six months of 2012, according to Facebook’s SEC Form Q-10. This is money spent on products that have never been used outside of the browser. If the marketplace for non-tangible products is always so lucrative, the marketplace that Facebook users enjoy for real goods must be greater.

Carol Roswell, vice president at Gartner, a tech consulting company, had a call to action for merchants who were unaware of the potential for e-commerce in social media. It is important that social media management techniques are now adopted by organizations. The challenge of managing social media commentary is not a good reason to disregard relevant feedback or solvable problems. “It’s crucial that organizations implement approaches to handling social media now. The trouble involved in addressing social media commentary isn’t good cause to ignore relevant comments or solvable issues.”

In June, by reducing the number of steps involved in finding out, from seven individual steps to 2 and removing the need to type, Facebook made a move to simplify mobile e-commerce payments. Another breakthrough in e-commerce, the Facebook smartphone app Sky Bucks, allows you to directly charge your virtual accessories on your phone bill.

More recently, a plan for stores using Shopify has been unrolled by the social media giant. Facebook has also been providing $50 free Facebook Ad credits since partnering. This is also in addition to Google Ad Words and Amazon Goods credits that are already enjoyed by Shopify store to mobile app merchants. The promotion is another move for Facebook in the direction of e-commerce.

The Button for “Want”

I identified above a requirement that Facebook had the power for its advertisers and business users to differentiate between existing and future customers. The Ecommerce Times had a story on Facebook in early July about the next big thing, the “want” icon.

The button allows users to build a ‘wish list’ of items that they want or want, but do not have at the moment. Merchants may want to specialize in who has marked and who has not marked their commodity as ‘wanted.’ The benefits of the “want” button go beyond sales. The button will also leave highly targeted ads as a sharing between users of ‘wish lists.’ The aim should eventually be for the list to require its position in the social media environment, in accordance with the general details and standing notifications of a person.

For the purchaser

This could improve the convenience of sales that have recently increased for the average customer and Facebook user. With the additional “want” details that the location will obtain, you will be prepared to see what your friends and family want, add similar things to your personal list, and discreetly study future presents for your friends. All of which add value to the ever-increasing network of Facebook.

The Merchant For

The e-commerce addition would do wonders for merchants seeking to grow on Facebook. The added marketing impact would assist companies, while also engaging with the top customer, to improve brand awareness and sales. It seems to me that all those concerned would benefit from Facebook’s e-commerce campaign.

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