Add Your Business to Apple Maps

Easy Steps to Add Your Business to Apple Maps

How-to Guide: Add Your Business to Apple Map and Let Your Customers Find You

Did you know 77% of the smartphone use navigation apps to find a business? With 1.3 billion active devices throughout the world, iPhone uses rely on Apple Maps for navigation purposes, of course. This makes Apple Maps a viable tool for acquiring customers.

To make it easier for your customers to find you on Apple Maps, you must add your business to it, duh.

Benefits of Apple Maps Presence

Enjoy the following benefits by adding your business to Apple Maps:

Access to More Apple Users

Apple has a massive customer base, which every business owner can benefit from. Listing your business there can help you connect with your potential customers.

Make Them Find Your Business When They Are Nearby

Make your customers find your business when they are nearby. Hopefully, they will visit.

Get More Attention

Being listed on Apple Maps will certainly increase your business’s visibility, create awareness, and bring engagement as well.

Help Your Customers Find You

This is pretty obvious. Being on iPhone Maps means your customers will find you quickly and easily. It’s another way of rounding out your digital presence and not miss the opportunity of engaging with your customers.

Steps to Add your Business to Apple Maps

This guide provides you step by step instructions to help your add your business to the map. Let’s begin, shall we?

1: Log into Apple Maps Connect

First of all, you must be listed on Apple Maps Connect. That’s the only way your business will be found on the iPhone Apple. For that:

  1. Visit Apple Maps connect website.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID

2: Search Your Business

Once you have logged into Apple Maps Connect, it will prompt you to search for your Apple. If your business already exists, you just have to click on your business information and tap “Claim This Place”.

On the other hand, if your business does not exist, you will have to click on “Add New Place” under the search results and add your business to Apple Maps.

3: Add Your Business

Follow these steps to add your business on the map:

  1. Enter the name of your business in the “Place Name” field
  2. In the place status option, choose “This Place Is Open
  3. From the “Categories” option, choose the most accurate category that describes your business.
  4. You may also enter additional categories

4: Claim Your Business

After the third step, the service will trigger a phone call for identity verification. It’s important to add the phone number you use for business operations. If your business already existed on the Maps, you will receive the phone call on the number provided.

Don’t worry much, it’s just an automated phone from Apple giving a 4-digit verification pin for activating the business listing.

5: Enter Your Location

Verified your identity? Great. You will now have to enter your location information. Fill these fields:

In the “full street address” enter the address you want to appear on the maps

The next field, which is “unit/suite number” is optional. However, if your business operates out of a unit/suite, enter this information.

Next, enter the information in the “City/zip & state” field

6: Set the Map Maker

Now you must confirm your location on the maps. For this, the wizard will prompt you to drop the map marker to your storefront door on the map. The map needs to point in the right direction to ensure customers can drive to your storefront without much hassle.

7: Add the Business Hours

The next step is to add business hours. You can always change them later if need be.

It’s important to ensure the regular operating hours to make sure customers reach out to you when you are open.

8: Add the Social Media Links and/or Website

Don’t forget to add your website and social media links. Today’s customers like to see additional information about a business. And if your website (if you have one) or social media handles are attached, this would make your customers trust you.

You can also add a Yelp profile link so that potential customers can read what other customers have to say about your business. If you have an iTunes official app, add its URL as well. It’s best to include all information about your business in one place so a customer can make a decision fast.

9: Verify If Your Business Is Showing Up On Maps

Once you have followed all these steps correctly, your business will appear on iPhones maps. Go ahead and search for your business in the Maps Connect console or you can look it up within the Apple Maps.

If you can find yourself, your customers will be able to find you too.

Summing Up

Regardless of the size of the business, Apple Maps has great potential to expose you to a wider audience. Claiming your business on Apple maps listing is a great start to set up online visibility whether you are a new staffing agency, food outlet, or an eCommerce store. If you already have social media and web presence, why not be on the iPhone Maps as well?

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