Tummy Tuck Types

Tummy tuck surgery is a type of plastic surgery performed to correct the sagging of the abdominal skin as a result of birth or frequent and excessive weight gain. It is also called a tummy tuck. Its medical name is abdominoplasty. The problems in the abdomen vary in every woman depending on the number of births she has, the type of birth and her age. Generally, two types of surgery are performed on the abdomen:

Mini Abdominal Lift

One of them is a mini tummy tuck. Mini tummy tuck patients usually have a small amount of skin in the lower abdomen, not in the upper region and around the abdomen. Therefore, the location of the belly button does not have to be changed. In these cases, taking a part of this abundance of the skin by making the cesarean scar a little longer over the hairy area, which we call the pubis (upper part of the genital area), helps the abdomen to look flatter. In some cases, if the abdominal muscles are very disjointed (this is called an umbilical hernia or umbilical hernia), skin specialists sew them into a corset from the inside.

Mini tummy tuck surgery takes 30-40 minutes. The patient sleeps in the hospital overnight and can leave the next morning. Resistance is not always put, but if there is excess weight, it is definitely put on.

Classic Abdominal Lift

We apply the classical tummy tuck to women with the loosening of the abdominal wall and excessive skin abundance. In tummy tuck surgery, we cut the area we call the pubis in the shape of the long cesarean section and bring the abdominal muscles away from each other closer to each other, we take the abundance of skin in the area and if there is a downward displacement in the pubis, we place the pubis. This process allows the abdominal muscles standing in front to be settled in and to have an appearance as if there is a corset inside. In classical abdominal stretching surgery, the procedure to regulate the belly button is also performed. Because this is a must as we will pull down the top of the belly. The skin above the belly button is usually thin. However, in cases of overweight in classical tummy tuck surgery, first of all, the skin on the belly should be thinned with the help of liposuction.

After Abdominal Stretching

Classical tummy tuck surgery takes a maximum of 2 hours. The patient stays in the hospital for 1 night and leaves the next day in the afternoon. In the case of overweight, it is still necessary to put on a drain. A corset is worn for a month after both types of surgery. This is necessary to keep the shape and feel comfortable. The stitch mark is such that it is under the panties or bikini. At first, slightly pink scar forms, then a white scar remains. In the first week, the patient should rest. After that, normal life is returned.

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