4 easy tips to get your S pass Singapore

4 easy tips to get your S pass Singapore

Singapore is a country where people can find better opportunities to be financially stable. That is because this country is not only one of the safest but also has a very resilient economy. For that reason, many foreigners from different parts of the world travel to Singapore to get a taste of what its economy has to offer. Most of the foreigners are aiming to get a Singapore employment pass to be able to work in Singapore. However, since it has stringent regulations, many settle to get an S Pass Singapore visa instead.

Unlike the Singapore employment pass, the S Pass Singapore scheme is less stringent. In fact, you only need to be a middle-skilled worker to be able to get one. However, similar to the E Pass, it is not easy to get an S Pass since the Ministry of Manpower has made it more difficult for foreigners to get a work visa. However, this should not dishearten you from working in Singapore. To give you a better chance for work visa approval, here are 4 easy tips to get your S Pass.

Tip #1 – Check out if you are eligible

The first thing that you should do when you apply for any work visa including the Singapore employment pass is whether you are eligible for it. That is because eligibility is the foremost basis for whether an S Pass Singapore applicant will get approved or not. In the case of the S Pass, apart from being a middle-skilled worker, one must have at least a year of formal tertiary education.

Moreover, they should also have work experience related to the job that they are applying for in the Singaporean company. If their work experience is different from the job they are applying for, they will not get approval. In addition, their prospective work should also be given the appropriate salary that meets the SG$2,500 qualifying salary. Thus, it is important to check if you are eligible.

Tip #2 – Find out what documents you need to prepare

Aside from the eligibility criteria, all work visa applicants including those applying for the Singapore employment pass must submit the documents. As for the S Pass Singapore application, a candidate must submit a copy of the particulars of their passport. They also need to submit the necessary education certificates to prove their education. If the documents are not in English, it is required to have a verified English translated version of the documents. That is only what is needed for the applicant.

The other documents will be provided by the hiring company. However, it is important to have these documents be prepared in advance, especially if they need to be translated. This is so it will be easier when the time comes to undergo the application process.

Tip #3 – Get familiar with the application process

The next tip for you to get the S Pass Singapore visa is to get familiar with the application process. Similar to the Singapore employment pass, the employer is the one that will apply for the work visa. However, that doesn’t imply that the applicant will no longer have a role in the process after they submit their documents. In fact, most of the steps in the S Pass application should be done when the candidate is in Singapore. Therefore, if you are familiar with the application process, you know what will come and you will be able to prepare for it.

Tip #4 – Look for a job in Singapore

The last tip that you should know is that you should look for a job in Singapore. While doing so, you need to make sure that the job you are applying for will help you be eligible for the S Pass Singapore visa. If the job will not give you the minimum salary needed for the S Pass, you will not get approved.

Furthermore, an additional tip is to ask the employer if they have a Singapore employment pass agency helping them with work visa applications. This will give you peace of mind that your application will be handled by experts. Thus, it will guarantee your S Pass Singapore approval.

Get in touch with a work visa company

If you follow these tips, you can ensure that you will have a great probability of getting an S Pass in Singapore. However, keep in mind that even though the S Pass is less stringent than the Singapore employment pass, it doesn’t mean that the application process is easier. One must make sure that they are eligible as well as the hiring company. As mentioned, it is best to get a work visa company like Ren Ai Group to handle the application. This is so you can ensure that you will indeed get an S Pass Singapore approval. To know how to avail of Ren Ai Group’s services, come and visit their website now.

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