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Top 5 software options for making a virtual tour

Up until recently, videos have dominated the Internet as the content that has the most engagement. However, this is now challenged by the fast emergence of virtual reality. This type of technology is greatly manifested through VR tours. Previously, you will need to hire a virtual tour Singapore expert to be able to get a virtual tour. Now, you can just create one yourself through the many 360 tour creator platforms. That is why virtual tours are emerging fast and will become the top multimedia content in the coming years.

If you own a website, then you can include a virtual tour in there. A website with a VR tour is usually the one that gets high engagement and ranks high in search engines. If they hire an experienced virtual tour Singapore professional, they are likely to get a high-quality virtual tour complete with features that will make anyone enjoy their virtual experience. If you are planning to create your own, you need to look for the right 360 tour creator software for you. To give you ideas, here are the top 5 software options for making a virtual tour.


Do you want a good 360 tour creator software that will not cost you a lot? The best suggestion for that is Cloud Pano. To be able to use CloudPano, you can avail of it by paying a one-time fee starting at $10. This price, even with the more advanced packages, is relatively cheap compared to their competitors.

Users can create as many virtual tours as they like since this virtual tour Singapore software can store an unlimited amount of VR tours. Furthermore, what customers like the most is that CloudPano is easy to contact and communicates well with them. If there are rising concerns about the software, CloudPano will update it so the user can smoothly utilize it.


For those who are well-versed in programming and are considered intermediate VR tour creators, the 360 tour creator software for them is Krpano. This is a high performing platform that offers unlimited flexibility for the virtual tour. If you are looking to create a virtual tour that no other virtual tour Singapore creator can do, then, this is the platform to use. With a one-time fee of $172, you can get 100% customization with no limitations. Thus, you will be able to create a unique virtual experience that your audience will surely remember.


If you want a 360 tour creator platform that requires little to no experience, your best option is My360. This VR tour platform is popular among real estate agents. That is because of the best value for their price. For only $45 per month, they can create a virtual tour in 30 minutes with little effort. It has step-by-step directions and guidance in the application that aids virtual tour Singapore beginners. Thus, one can easily create a top-quality virtual tour.


Do you want to create a virtual tour that is an exact replica of an existing location? The best 360 tour creator software is Matterport. This is a very well-known virtual tour creator because of the high-quality outputs it is able to provide. Furthermore, its dollhouse effect feature and floorplan view are the top favorites among virtual tour Singapore creators. With a monthly subscription for as low as $10, you will be able to create a virtual tour with minimal costs.

3DVista Virtual Tour Pro

If you are looking for the virtual tour Singapore software that has the best features out there, try 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro. With a one-time fee of $559, you will have unlimited access to its advanced features. You will be given a lot of options for custom design elements. Furthermore, you will also gain access to an impressive library of preset skins.

Despite its advanced features, this 360 tour creator software is very easy to use. In fact, you don’t need to learn any programming language to be able to use this. You can easily use the features by just clicking through them. Although this is one of the most expensive virtual tour Singapore creator platforms out there, you can see that it has everything you need.

Hire an experienced 360 tour creator

With the emergence of these virtual tour Singapore applications, creating a virtual tour has become easy. One will only just learn from a tutorial to begin creating a virtual tour. However, those who need virtual tours are people who don’t usually have time to learn new skills. That is why the next best option is to hire companies like Digital Solutions. This 360 tour creator company uses these VR tour software applications to be able to deliver the best virtual tours for your website and business. Contact them now!

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