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Features and Specification Or Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are doing well and safe, In today’s blog we would like to present the JBL Quantum ONE. If you are a music lover, and thinking to buy the best wireless earbuds so we would like to present and give an honest buyer’s guide pTron Bassbuds Review we are present top 5 best PTron Bassbuds – True wireless earbuds. So let’s get into the topic.

Introduction:- It is a professional-level gaming headset. It features noise cancellation as well as 3D surround sound. Let’s get things started with the drivers inside.

These are high-resolution certified 50-millimeter drivers. That means frequency response as low as you can go as high as you can go, from 20 to 20,000 hertz, so they will give you every sound your video game has to offer.

They’re lightweight, they won’t feel very heavy on your head, and they sit there nice and snug and secure. So if you’re an active person when you’re gaming, you don’t feel like these headphones are going to fall off your head, but also very comfortable thanks to the memory foam and the ear pads which are covered with leather so they feel super nice.

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Key Features – JBL Quantum ONE

  • Providing Active Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable With All Gaming Consoles Like- PC, X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR
  • Beautiful Lighting Effects
  • 360 Adjustable With Surround Sound
  • Head-Tracking Enhanced
  • Hi-Res Certified 50mm Drivers
  • Powerful Customization Options Available According To Your Preference
  • The Deepest Level Of Virtual Realism
  • DISCORD Certified Game-Chat Balance Dial
  • Voice Focus Detachable Boom Mic & Quantum Lighting
  • Next-gen Ergonomic Design
  • Product Dimensions- 40 x 40 x 20 cm; 369 Grams
  • Giving Components- JBL Headset, 3.5mm cable, Calibration Microphone, Detachable Boom Microphone, Windshield Foam Microphone, Type-C to A Cable / Warranty card / Safety Sheet

Let’s Talk About Features & Specification JBL Quantum ONE

This headset has a lot of different controls. Some of them are on the back of the left ear cup, some of them are on the separate controller.

On that separate controller you can adjust the balance between the volume of your chat and the volume of your game, so if you want to hear more games and less chat you can do that, or the opposite.

On the back of the left ear cup is total overall volume control. You can also adjust or turn on and off the noise canceling, you can mute the mic back there, oh, by the way, you can also mute the mic by simply swiping the mic up with your finger.

When you raise the boom it mutes the mic. The JBL Quantum ONEs come with a nice long nine-foot USB cable to get you plenty of flexibility in your hardwired connection to your computer.

You’re also going to want to download the JBL Quantum SPHERE 360 software, which gets you a lot of customization options.

For example, you can set up the real-time head tracking and the 3D   sound, you’ll need the calibration mic for that so that it can localize the sound. That’s pretty cool.

So when you’re in your video game and you’re moving your head around in your living room, your head’s moving around in the gaming world, not just in your living room, so it keeps you centered in the action and knowing where all the enemies are as they’re surrounding you and closing in. Look out, he’s right behind you.

With that JBL software, you’ll be able to do a couple of other things, like you can program the lighting patterns that these LED lights on the side of the headphones will do while you’re playing.

You can also choose to turn on DTS: HeadphoneX 2.0, which is another virtual surround sound option. You can fine-tune the microphone settings, and you can use audio profiles or preset EQ curves.

You can even customize your own EQ so the sound is exactly how you like it. The Quantum ONEs also include a simple 3.5-millimeter connection, so if you want to hardwire them to a gaming console controller for straight two-channel audio, you can do that as well.

So you’re hearing me now on this microphone on the JBL Quantum ONE pro gaming headset.

The Final Verdict:-

If you have any questions about these or gaming headsets in general, get in touch with us, do comments, and ask your query. We reply and solve your query.

You can talk with our advisors on the phone, you can chat with them online or send them an email, together you and them can help figure out if these are the right gaming headsets for you. You can also drop your comments right here in the comments on this website, we do look at those and we will respond to your questions there, and as long as we share these articles with your friends and relatives. Thank you for giving your precious time.

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