Can You Run a Web Hosting Company Using Shared Hosting

Can You Run a Web Hosting Company Using Shared Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that permits individuals & organizations to post a web page onto the internet. A web hosting service provider is a business that gives services & technologies required for the web page or website to be seen on the internet. Websites are stored, or hosted on specific computers, called servers. When internet users want to see your website, all they require is to type your address of website or domain in their web browser. Then, their computer or laptop will link to your server & your web pages will be provided to them by your browser. Web hosting is provided by numerous service providers who have the essential technology to store properly your site’s files. You are renting space on a server by signing up for a hosting service that their companies of web hosting own & manage.

Your website host is responsible for things such as maintenance of the server, security, & running the correct software so that the files on the server can be accessed through a web browser, like Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Linux Shared Hosting:

Linux Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting where a solo physical server hosts various multiple sites. Various users use the resources on a single server that keeps low cost. Each user can get a fraction of servers in which they can host their files of websites. Shared Linux hosting servers can host hundreds of users where each consumer who uses the platform of the shared hosting server has permission to feature disk space, databases, email accounts, & other add-ons offered by the host. The resources of the system are shared on-demand by consumers on the server, & each gets a share of everything from CPU, RAM, & other elements like the solo MySQL server, mail server, & Apache server.

How Does a Web Hosting Work?

Your website is just a set of various files & when you generate a website you require a place to store all these files. That place where you store your files will be your company’s hosting server. On this server, you can store your website’s files, media, databases, or anything else that is needed to render your website properly. The storage capacity will depend on the hosting plan which you will select. If you started getting online, then you will possibly be renting a part of a server that you are sharing with other sites. As your needs of storage & traffic maximize then you may require to scale up to renting a whole physical server or at least utilizing the resources of one, with a VPS server or cloud.

When you sign up for a package of web hosting, you will get access to the server through a solution such as cPanel. This will make it easier to upload your files to the server or simply, you can install a CMS such as WordPress to easily construct your website.

Importance of Linux Hosting for a Web Hosting Company:

There are various advantages for opting for Linux hosting for your web hosting company, some of which are as follows;

  • It is less expensive – Linux hosting gives the most cost-effective solution of hosting for your web hosting company. With most of the people contributes towards the server’s costs, the cost of web hosting companies are distributed among them. As basic plans start with 30 dollars per year but you can expect to pay over 100 dollars for your company per year with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, & unmetered disk space for premium plans.
  • It is flexible – new online ventures can start with a shared plan & can upgrade without hassle as their websites developed.
  • It is easy to manage – Linux hosting is straightforward & simple to set up. Most of the service providers offer a Linux cPanel hosting to manage your company’s website. This streamlined user interface manages the administrative tasks & any monitoring duties concerned with running a server.
  • It is professionally managed – Linux hosting has low maintenance & your host will remove the tension of running your server by taking care of basic server administrative tasks. Web management is the utmost convenient choice till you are prepared to run your server.
  • You can host multiple domains – you can install various websites in your user directory; you just have to make sure that the domain you buy is linked to it. For example, if a person has different domains for their company’s website or their business, then shared hosting is best for this.

Things to consider:

Some vital criteria to think about while choosing shared hosting providers for your web hosting company. You have to look for the following features of a shared hosting package.

  • Uptime – when you are searching for a plan of shared hosting, you have to make sure that you have certain guarantees for uptime. The minimum you can accept from the host is ninety-nine percent.
  • Traffic – factor your estimated traffic of the website into your decision. It is not easy to make projections about the traffic of the web, but for any reason, you expect a huge amount of traffic, shared hosting might not be capable as you might break their fair use of the policy.
  • Resources – resources are always partial & this is the basic proposition of the whole field of economics & applies to Linux hosting. When selecting Linux hosting, you have to check the fair use of policy or it may create problems for others if your website gets large amounts of traffic.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for Linux hosting service then 2GB Hosting is the best platform as they are the trusted provider of Linux hosting with some of the specifications such as Apache 2.4, secure FTP access, MySQL, online email address book, & many more. They offer a Cheap Linux Shared Hosting package as compared to other providers to help in growing your web hosting company.

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